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US Chamber Watch: Chamber Gate 2011: What the Chamber Knew

February 22, 2011-

11/16/10 – An email from Aaron Barr suggests that the security firms have had direct contact with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Washington Post, “Some of the emails, which were highlighted by the liberal Web site ThinkProgress, seem to suggest that the chamber had been apprised of the efforts” of the security firms. In a November 16th email from Aaron Barr of HB Gary to Patrick Ryan and Danielle Berti of Berico Technologies, Barr reports that speaking “directly” to the client, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “has already happened although we are under no contract.” [Washington Post, 2/15/11; Email from Aaron Barr to Berico Technologies, 11/16/10]

11/16/10 – An internal memo from Team Themis indicates that Hunton and Williams will be “presenting to the client” at a “23 November meeting.”

A November 16th, 2010 internal memo by Team Themis says that at a “23 November meeting,” “Richard [Wyatt, the lead Hunton and Williams partner] presenting to client” and that Team Themis wanted to have a member present at the meeting.  According to the memo, “This should be a non-salesy pitch for the full capability we’re offering – USCC sees tons of intel reports, this has to be something different.”  [Team Themis internal memo, 11/16/10]

11/29/10 – Team Themis email suggests that their mockup intelligence reports are “examples” of what H&W partner Bob Quackenboss “is pitching to the Chamber.”

In a November 29th email from Sam Kremin of Berico Technologies to Aaron Barr of HB Gary concerning mocked up intelligence reports, Kremin writes, “Also when I give these to Bob [Quackenboss of Hunton and Williams] I will emphasize that these are just examples of to give him an idea of what is pitching to the Chamber.” [Email from Sam Kremin to Aaron Barr, 11/29/10]

1/9/11 - Team Themis adjusts its pricing “based on our newly acquired understanding of what H&W is getting from the Chamber.”

In a January 9, 2011 email from Pat Ryan of Berico Technologies to the rest of Team Themis recounting a conversation with Bob Quackenboss of Hunton and Williams.  In the email, Ryan writes:

I got a message late Fri evening from Bob Q's secretary requesting a conference call on Mon at 10am to discuss the way ahead for the Chamber effort.  Not sure exactly what the agenda/points of discussion will be, but I'd like to be prepared to give him a pretty solid pricing quote (if he asks).  In my last discussion with him, I told him all of the partners had agreed to lower our cost to be more in line with what they're currently getting from the Chamber.

We're working up a spreadsheet and brief doc now that will essentially be a FFP w/ level of effort and break down both services and licensing fees based on our newly acquired understanding of what H&W is getting from the Chamber.  I've already spoken briefly with Aaron about rates/pricing and I think we're pretty much in agreement, but I need to include a proposed price for the Palantir licensing fees as well.  [Email from Pat Ryan to Team Themis, 1/9/11]



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