You are hereThe Plum Line: MoveOn: Over 5,000 Medical Pros Have Called On AMA To Ditch US Chamber

The Plum Line: MoveOn: Over 5,000 Medical Pros Have Called On AMA To Ditch US Chamber

By Greg Sargent

November 16, 2009- The striking news that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is seeking to fund a “study” undermining the health care reform proposal creates an awkward situation for one of its leading members: The American Medical Association, which is in favor of the reform plan.

Here’s something else that could increase pressure on AMA: I’m told that over 5,300 medical professionals have signed a petition calling on AMA to ditch the Chamber over its opposition to health care reform, as many other members have over its climate change stance.

Ilyse Hogue, a spokesperson for MoveOn, which launched the petition last week, confirms the number.

The AMA, of course, gave the reform proposal a big boost by coming out in support of it, lending it the medical profession’s stamp of credibility. The Chamber, meanwhile, is one of the proposal’s most determined and well funded opponents, sinking big bucks into ads blasting House Dems who voted for it.

The question now is whether the Chamber’s new study — which apparently has the goal of proving that the reform plan is a “job killer” — will increase pressure on AMA to reconsider its membership, as thousands of medical professionals apparently want it to do. 



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