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BuzzFlash: The Chamber of Commerce's Cesspool of Character Assassination: It's UnAmerican

February 15, 2011- When America's top business organization does its commerce out of a cesspool of dirty tricks and character assassination, it's another sign of the nation's moral corruption at the top of the "trickle down" ladder.

But that is what the Chamber of Commerce was apparently planning to do, in addition to its past dirty tricks. Indeed, ThinkProgress has run a series of investigative pieces exposing the character assassination plans of the Commerce's "subcontractors." In short, the chamber appeared to be planning to use the details of the personal lives of those involved in organizations that challenged it - and to blemish the characters of opponents and their friends and family members.

Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog was one of those whose life and that of his significant other were "investigated," including home address, phone and personal details. There is little question that the chamber was about to embark upon a campaign of personal attack, intimidation and discrediting.

But in a telephone conversation with Friedman this morning, he, for one, was not going to be bullied. He told BuzzFlash:

No matter how powerful the thugs and foes are, it is worth standing up to power and speaking the truth - if not you and me, then who? As I have always said, these are not matters of right and left, but matters of right and wrong.

What we are seeing now cuts across all party lines in being deplorable, and is just plain wrong.

Perhaps if more groups and individuals like those under attack by the chamber would have the fortitude and courage of those who put their lives on the line in Egypt for democracy, we would drive the Chamber of Commerce into retreat.

One positive sign is how fearful the Chamber of Commerce is at being exposed for what it is.

People like Brad Friedman need all of us to stand up to the chamber.

Remember, the chamber can be defeated, but it will take an army of advocates for democracy to hold firm against Nixonian dirty tricks.



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