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At Largely: Much bigger than ACORN scandal...the Chamber of Commerce still not under investigation...

by Larisa Alexandrovna  

October 26, 2009- Following up on my post about the Chamber of Commerce and its leadership, here is the latest news on this corrupt, bloated, and criminal organization:

"The chief lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce alleged Sunday that there is a White House campaign of "invectives" and "name-calling" against his organization, and said the business group is eager to ignore the heated rhetoric.

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday," longtime Chamber lobbyist Bruce Josten said the group's relationship with the White House began to sour after differences of opinion developed about President Obama's health-care and economic agendas.

"Let's be clear, we haven't raised up the Cain. It came from their side of the street," Josten said, referring to the White House, which sits just across Lafayette Park from the Chamber's national headquarters.

"We intend to remain focused on our goals and our responsibilities to represent the American business," Josten said. "We're not going to take the bait and engage in a name-calling campaign here of invectives back and forth. We're going to stay focused."'

If Congress ever managed to free itself from the leash the Chamber has them on, they should consider an investigation into Jack Abramoff, money laundering, and the Chamber of Commerce. The corruption of a few low level workers at ACORN is but a pebble compared to the real scandal, the biggest scandal in our recent history of the way the Chamber has bought the law, bought government officials, and engaged in criminal activity on par with BCCI. I have always found it remarkable that the Abramoff probe stopped short of addressing the criminal activities that he was simply a smaller element of.



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