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Brad Blog Goes Offline as Brad Friedman Talks About HB Gary on Mike Malloy Show

By FZ - Posted on 11 February 2011

February 11, 2011- Last night Brad Friedman was sitting in for Mike Malloy on the Mike Malloy Radio Program. The topic on his mind was the attacks he and his associates and family were being subjected to by the Virginia-based security firm HB Gary, who -according to emails leaked by the Anonymous hacker community- had been trying to obtain a contract from the US Chamber of Commerce to conduct a disinformation campaign against various whistleblower groups attempting to expose the Chamber's dirty tricks. And yes, Velvet Revolution and were mentioned in those emails.

As of this writing BradBlog's server is still offline. Details are sketchy, as Brad is having trouble getting information from his ISP, but it appears to have been a cyber attack. At this time, there is no information to suggest who is behind it, but the timing is... interesting.

Your humble author was listening to the show last night, when roughly 2 hours in (didn't note the exact time) the stream abruptly cut off. (Note: The stream was coming from the radio station's website- not the BradBlog) Whether this was also the result of a cyber attack or merely a coincidence is not clear, but again... interesting. (Note: The author would welcome comments from anyone else who was listening last night who had the same experience)

Whoever was behind the attack on the BradBlog has not been entirely successful in shutting him up, however. Brad has been tweeting all day. He is also sitting in for Mike Malloy again tonight (Mike returns to the air on Monday, Feb 14) and has posted a statement on the Mike Malloy website.


UPDATE: BradBlog back online approx. 9:00PM Eastern Time


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