You are hereMedia Matters: Will Media Follow Up On Report That U.S. Chamber Is Behind Dirty Tricks Campaign?

Media Matters: Will Media Follow Up On Report That U.S. Chamber Is Behind Dirty Tricks Campaign?

February 11, 2011- The Center for American Progress' ThinkProgress blog has obtained roughly 40,000 emails that they say reveal private discussions between a law firm hired by the United States Chamber of Commerce and a network of private security firms tapped to smear and investigate the Chamber's political opponents and their families.


The tactics these firms reportedly proposed included an entrapment scheme in which one of the security firms would create a phony document, "leak" it to the Chamber's political opponents, and then expose it as fake and discredit them. You can view the reported proposal for that plan here.

In a later post, ThinkProgress also said that the private security firms engaged by the Chamber's law firm, notably HBGary Federal, investigated the families and even the children of their political opponents. They claim Aaron Barr of HBGary circulated information to the other firms about which synagogue Mike Gehrke (formerly of Change to Win) attended. They also say he showed them pictures of his wife and children. Barr also reportedly targeted Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog, revealing his home address and information about his partner.

The emails were reportedly obtained and distributed  by the hacker group Anonymous, who evidently hacked into Barr's email account in revenge for his attempted infiltration of their group.



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