You are hereUSA Today: BofA denies connection to proactive tactics to silence WikiLeaks

USA Today: BofA denies connection to proactive tactics to silence WikiLeaks

February 11, 2011- Bank of America has broken silence about news reports and Internet discussions circulating all week connecting BofA to these presentation slides outlining "proactive tactics" to neutralize WikiLeaks and silence its leader, Julian Assange.

"We've never seen the presentation, never evaluated it, and have no interest in it," BofA spokesman Scott Silvestri told Technology Live late Thursday.

Whether BofA's categorical denial holds up remains to be seen. The slides, along with a cache of related e-mails, surfaced on the Internet on Sunday. The documents have since been pored over by technologists, security experts and journalists -- as well as participants and followers of the hacking group Anonymous, best known for attacking businesses hostile to WikiLeaks. (More about Anonymous' role in all of this in just a bit.)

The slides and e-mail contain stunning details that appear to show a prominent U.S. law firm, Hunton & Williams, collaborating with three data intelligence firms -- Palantir Technologies, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies -- in an effort to shape a plan to help BofA stop Assange from following through on a threat to release damaging documents about a major U.S. bank.

Ironically, the slides and e-mail would never have seen the light of day had comments from an HBGary executive, Aaron Barr, not appeared in a Feb. 4 Financial Times news story. In the story, Barr claims to have used Facebook and other online sources to uncover clues to the identities of key Anonymous operatives living in the U.S., Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Australia.



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