You are herePR Watch: Chamber of Commerce Launches Massive "American Free Enterprise" Campaign

PR Watch: Chamber of Commerce Launches Massive "American Free Enterprise" Campaign

October 16, 2009- What do Americans need most right now? Jobs. If you wanted Americans to buy your snake oil, what would you promise them right now? Why, jobs of course, even though the snake oil being peddled is the very thing that sank the economy in the first place.

The master snake charmers over at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have unveiled their new, glitzy, multi-million dollar ad campaign to beat back financial services regulation, consumer protection, and other reform measures being proposed in Congress this fall. The campaign makes vague promises to create 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. (This from a group that claimed on its website to have 3 million members, but shrunk that number by 90% when challenged this week by Mother Jones.)

Calling it the "American Free Enterprise" campaign, the Chamber's TV ads use beautiful images of farmers, mothers, flags, small businesses, football, flags, steelworkers, lemonade stands, flags. You get the picture. Amusingly, they sneak in a few pictures of Wall Street banker-types shaking hands over and over again.

The campaign tells America to "dream big," and the message is that sometimes "Washington may help in times of trouble" but only "the free enterprise system" is up to the challenge of creating 2 million jobs a year.

Of course it was Chamber-backed deregulation of the financial markets that lost us 7.5 million jobs in the first place. So the Chamber has an uphill battle to convince us that anything it is peddling will do the trick.



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