You are hereThe Energy Collective: Washington Lobbyists and Prophets of Doom

The Energy Collective: Washington Lobbyists and Prophets of Doom

December 19, 2010- Sidewalk prophets of doom and Washington lobbyists know the best time to hype an “end of the world” story is just before the world is scheduled to come to an end.  But the sidewalks are littered with the placards of doomsayers whose predictions flopped.

That’s why industry lobbyists have been pushing so hard right now for a vote in the lame duck Senate to block EPA from doing its job to protect our health and welfare from the pollution that is driving global warming.  And that’s why Texas, the Alone Star state, is going to a second court with the same flimsy tale of woe that left the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington unconvinced earlier this month.

EPA’s first steps to start reducing carbon pollution from the biggest new power plants and factories are scheduled to begin on January 2nd.  So this is the last best time to claim the world is coming to an end.  Because after New Year’s Day, it will be clear for all to see that the sun is still coming up each morning, that the juice is still flowing from our power plants, and that businesses big and small are still able to build new factories and create new jobs.

We’ve seen this movie, and we know how it ends.  Over and over, doomsayers have claimed the Clean Air Act is about to kill the economy.  But from 40 years of progress, we know we can have both cleaner air and a strong, growing economy with more good jobs.  And we know that the benefits of the Clean Air Act exceed the costs by as much as 40-to-1.

Earlier this month, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected claims by Texas and industry trade associations that EPA’s modest requirements will block construction of new plants and strangle the economic recovery.



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