You are hereLA Times: Chamber to unveil pro-business lobbying effort

LA Times: Chamber to unveil pro-business lobbying effort

The group plans to announce an agenda that includes attacking regulations covering labor, energy, healthcare and financial services, which it says it hampering the economic recovery

November 15, 2010- Reporting from Washington — After spending a record amount this election season to change the balance of power in Washington, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week plans to announce a pro-business agenda that will include attacking federal regulations in four areas: labor, energy, healthcare and financial services.

The business organization's leaders will announce their targets Wednesday, arguing that excessive government regulation is hampering economic recovery.

"American businesses are sinking under its weight," chamber President Thomas J. Donohue said Monday.

"Businesses have long recognized the need for sensible regulations," he said, but the regulatory system imposes a burden on business that is "pervasive, insidious and needs to be exposed."

The effort to reduce government rules and oversight is part of the chamber's multipronged lobbying effort, which also will include an advertising campaign on government regulation and a blueprint for pressing its case with every member of Congress.

The advertising campaign, called "This Way to Jobs," will feature a curved arrow that twists and bends above a list of new rules that are expected to follow passage of the financial services reform bill approved by Congress this year.



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