You are hereDocudharma: Ed and Bernie take on the 'Chamber of Outsourcing'

Docudharma: Ed and Bernie take on the 'Chamber of Outsourcing'

September 27, 2010- Ed and Bernie take on the Chamber of Commerce Outsourcing ...

They urge Congress to pass this Act designed to slow the pace of Outsourcing:

Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act  

WHO in the World -- Does the CHAMBER work for, anyways?

Cuz it aint you and me.

Did I hear that right -- paraphrasing the Patriot Senator Sanders:

During the Bush years while Multinationals laid off 2 million American Manufacturing Jobs, while at the same time hiring 2 million workers in foreign countries.
During the Bush years we have lost 30% of our Manufacturing Jobs -- going from 17 Million down to 12 Million.


Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce should be renamed to the Lobbying Front Group for Global Corporations ?

Since the Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act, will likely be voted on this week,

Here's some more on what that Act would do:

Democrats' tax bill targets outsourced jobs
By Ben Rooney, staff reporter -- Sep 27, 2010

Tax holiday: The Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act would give U.S. employers a two-year break from payroll taxes on wages paid to new U.S. workers performing services in the United States, according to a summary of the legislation.

To be eligible, businesses would have to certify that the U.S. employee is replacing an employee who had been performing similar duties overseas.

The goal is to encourage multinationals to hire American workers for jobs that would have otherwise been outsourced to countries with lower labor costs.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce called on lawmakers to oppose the bill, saying it would hurt the economy and lead to job cuts. Instead, the group urged lawmakers to extend all of the Bush tax cuts set to expire on Dec. 31

The Chamber of Outsourcing Opportunities, hates it.  It probably hurts the agenda of their many Foreign Funders.





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