You are hereHuffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue Made $4.7 Million In 2010

Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue Made $4.7 Million In 2010

-By Amanda Terkel

November 16, 2011- Tom Donohue, the president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, made a record $4.7 million last year, at a time when the rest of the country was seeing high unemployment and falling wages.

Donohue's pay package included a $3.6 million bonus. His compensation in 2010 was $1 million higher than it was in 2009, when he was the sixth-highest paid lobbyist in the country.

In March, Donohue made headlines for saying that the compensation of public workers is "over bloated" and their pensions are "out of control."

Donohue's compensation was revealed in the Chamber's 990 tax forms, which became publicly available this week. The Chamber itself also did quite well in 2010, collecting a significant number of million-dollar donations.

According to information compiled by the group U.S. Chamber Watch, the business lobby received at least $189 million in dues from 1,511 members, including corporations, individuals and organizations. Eighty-eight percent of those donations were for $100,000 or more, and 53 percent of the members donated $1 million or more. The Chamber also received two contributions that were each in excess of $10 million.



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