You are hereAddicting Info: Former Facebook President Demands Sympathy for Billionaires

Addicting Info: Former Facebook President Demands Sympathy for Billionaires

-By Michael Hayne

October 29, 2011- It takes a certain kind of cancerous troll to make comments that aim to empathize with the top 1% crowd during a seemingly endless economic recession, one  in which millions of chronically unemployed and laid off Americans are forced to choose between eating out of a dumpster or using it for shelter. Usually such delusions of grandeur and blind avarice come out of the mouths of Republicans or Republican presidential candidates, but this time the honor goes to Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook.

The former president of Facebook and founder of Napster wishes all the thousands facing arrests and facial reconstruction of #Occupy Wall Street would take some time to understand all the many hardships that billionaires like him face on a daily basis.

“You guys are really attacking me for being the 1%?” the former Facebook president tweeted. “I was broke and couch surfing just a few years ago… I have a whole new set of problems to deal with now: security, extortion attempts, kidnapping threats, death threats, etc. Life better b4?“

Ah yes, it must be so unbelievably trying to decide whether to gratuitously spill bottles of Kristal on the backsides of rent-a-hookers or Dom Perignon at your lavish party mansion; it must be earth shattering to decide whether to serve caviar in bowls or spewing out the anus of a Michelangelo ice sculpture; and it must be so unnerving to choose between taking a private jet to DC or one of many sports cars .

What the ridiculously out of touch web oracle doesn’t understand is the thousands of people across the nation aren’t facing arrests or rubber bullet attacks in the streets for days and nights in order to pick on the wealthy or expect them to give away all their billions, even though Fox News and Republicans paint them as doing such. Rather, the people of the Occupy movements and the majority of Americans simply wish for the uber wealthy that lied, cheated and stole from Americans and who caused the economic meltdown be held accountable for their insidious greed. Moreover, they wish that they have the same opportunities and advantages that their parents had before them; that is, work in  professions they studied hard for in college, or work from the bottom and be rewarded with a living that was promised to them in their formative years upon graduating college or high school.



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