You are hereHuffington Post: Massey CEO Blankenship On Mine Disaster: No Regrets

Huffington Post: Massey CEO Blankenship On Mine Disaster: No Regrets

July 22, 2010- Don Blankenship, whose Upper Big Branch coal mine had been cited hundreds of times for safety violations before it blew up in April killing 29 workers, came to the National Press Club on Thursday to face the Washington press corps -- but not in order to express contrition.

Oh, no. There was none of that.

Instead, the Massey Energy CEO, widely considered to be the most arrogant and dangerous man in a dangerous and dying industry, lectured the assembled throng about global poverty, preventable disease, the national debt, highway deaths, physics, the relationship between facts and happiness -- and oh, yes, the need for the federal government to get off his back.

In hindsight, is there nothing Blankenship would have done differently before the worst mine disaster in 40 years? No.

Well, maybe one thing.

"What I could have done is be more like I normally am, and sued MSHA [the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration] the first time they turned off a scrubber, instead of waiting until they turned off 43," Blankenship said.

In what he insisted at the time was not an act of retaliation, Blankenship sued MSHA last month for disapproving the use of scrubbers to take coal dust out of the air.



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