You are hereSEIU Blog: More Big Name Organizations Split From U.S. Chamber

SEIU Blog: More Big Name Organizations Split From U.S. Chamber

March 22, 2010- Yesterday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued a statement declaring passage of the health care bill "a wrong and unfortunate decision that ignores the will of the American people." Talk about a pot calling the kettle black...It's clear the U.S. Chamber ignored the will and position of one of its most significant members - the one that represents doctors and medical professionals, no less -- when formulating its attack position on reform.

The American Medical Association currently holds a spot on the US Chamber's board of directors, the body which ultimately approves all US Chamber policy positions. But instead of working with the AMA to find common ground on reform, the Chamber chose to maintain the support of health insurance companies, who helped fund their latest barrage of $10 million "kill the bill" ads. This weekend, the American Medical Association publicly split with the U.S. Chamber's position on health care reform. Whereas the US Chamber ran a multi-million television campaign against the legislation, the American Medical Association called passage of the bill

[...] "an important step toward providing coverage to all Americans and improving our nation's health system."

The Chamber's defeat on health care was not the only blow the organization suffered in the last few days. Late last week, giant electronics retailer Best Buy spoke out against the Chamber of Commerce's opposition to climate change, saying that "the Chamber has not spoken for Best Buy on these issues. We have shared our views with the Chamber and will continue to do so." Best Buy's actions come on the heels of Microsoft's statement repudiating the U.S. Chamber's position on climate change.



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