You are hereAddicting Info: Occupy’s Rebuttal to Right-Wing Media Critics: The Tea Party’s Violent ‘DontGo Movement’

Addicting Info: Occupy’s Rebuttal to Right-Wing Media Critics: The Tea Party’s Violent ‘DontGo Movement’

-By Julie Driscoll

October 16, 2011- I’ve been listening to the right-wing media, such as Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, decry the Occupy Wall Street protests as “un-American” (yes, that would be the same Neil Cavuto who issued a warning to tea partiers of a liberal faction of “over caffeinated crashers” who were plotting diabolically to infiltrate tea party rallies).  And yes, this would be the same Neil Cavuto who last month gave a forum to a tea partier who aggressively confronted President Obama, bragging that this tea partier is “the guy making waves from Iowa to Washington.”

So, in the face of the Occupy Wall Street protests – which is basically, like the tea party claimed to be, simply fed up with the status quo - one would think that the right-wing media would herald its arrival, just like it did the Tea Party in 2008.  But alas, Fox News and other right-wing media outlets are jealously protecting the Tea Party’s turf – just as it did in 2010 when the Coffee Party Movement came to life.  As I reported for News Hounds at that time, the Coffee Party Movement was depicted as a George Soros-funded movement, while the Tea Party – despite the financial support of FreedomWorks, the Koch Brothers, American Solutions for Winning the Future and Americans for Prosperity – was depicted as a simple little “grassroots” organization.

Some things change, but most remain the same.

So of course, the fact that Fox News is not actually an arm of the GOP, but rather an arm of the fringe right-wingers known as the Tea Party, is old news.  Neil Cavuto, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Greta van Susteren and others hosted tea party events - in fact, the network ran on-screen text that described the tea party protests as “FNC Tax Day Tea Parties.”

But as I’ve been watching and listening to the not-unexpected hypocrisy of the right, including O’Reilly’s comment that the  OWS protesters are crackheads, Ann Coulter depicting them as having “demonic aspects,” and Sean Hannity telling a caller to his radio show that that the protesters “don’t believe in liberty . . . freedom,” something nagged at me.  I covered Fox for News Hounds for a year and a half, and it was during the time that the Tea Party was being used launched by right-wing rich folks.  And in the News Hounds archives, I discovered an article I’d written about the DontGo Movement.

Fox News itself, with the help of its multitude of teabagging guests, did its best to foment revolution against President Obama in 2009 – and it didn’t mind lending at least indirect support to one Eric Odom, leader of a pack of revolutionaries known as the DontGo Movement.



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