You are hereOpEd News: Will OWS Protesters Target Brookfield Properties, Zuccoti Park Owner Forcing Cleanup

OpEd News: Will OWS Protesters Target Brookfield Properties, Zuccoti Park Owner Forcing Cleanup

-By Rob Kall

October 13, 2011- Brookfield Properties, the company which owns Zuccoti Square, has ordered that it be cleared and cleaned, with new rules that prohibit laying down or using sleeping bags after it's cleaned. The question is, will activists in the many cities where Brookfield Properties rents office and retail space launch actions against the company that seems to be launching an attack on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Brookfield Properties  a publicly traded company listed on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges (BPO), is one of the largest owners of commercial property.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company which has a deal with NYC to keep Zuccoti Park open 24/7 has the right to set rules for how it is used. A WSJ article states that the NYPD reports that the company is exercising its rights and insisting that the park be cleaned, POWER-WASHED, to be precise. Think fire hoses like were seen in the south in the sixties.

Brookfield properties owns properties in many major cities in the US, Canada and Australia-- New York, Washington DC, Houston,  Denver, Boston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Sydney and Melbourne.

Some of the properties include World Financial Center in NY, Brookfield Place in Toronto, Bank of America Plaza in Los Angeles...

It will be interesting to see if the Occupy Wall Street protesters, having been thrown out of Zuccoti Park, will take actions against Brookfield properties, which seems to be declaring war on them and the Occupy movement. With properties in so many cities, it will be interesting to see if occupy protesters in Boston, Houston, LA, Minneapolis, Denver, Vancouver, etc. will identify Brookfield properties locations, which also seem to be often associated with Banking and finance, as ripe targets for the daily actions that the protesters take. 

If that happens, it will also be interesting to see the effect of such actions on BPO stock value and the value of the company overall. It's closing price on the NYSE today was $14.29, down.  The cost of cleaning the park and basically, aiming a direct attack on the Occupy Wall Street Movement may not be five or six figures. It might be hundreds of millions of dollars in lost value for the company. 



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