You are hereThe Examiner: The Republican jobs "plan"- An analyses of a corporate takeover

The Examiner: The Republican jobs "plan"- An analyses of a corporate takeover

-by Robert Sobel

October 7, 2011- Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. That is the word that you hear over and over and rightfully so in today's economy. As President Obama is about to unveil his new jobs plan, Republican presidential candidates are already coming out with theirs. The problem with the Republican plans are that they are more of the same. Mitt Romney released his 150 page, "59 Point Plan" yesterday adding to Jon Huntsmans plan from last week. We have heard the thoughts of other candidates like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann and it might as well all get rolled into one plan. What these plans have in common are the usual conservative rhetoric, tax cuts, less regulation and more oil drilling.

It’s expected that we hear this from the Republican politicians, but the problem is not from the elected officials, it's from the registered Republican voter. It is clearly understandable how someone in the top 1% of income earners would like the jobs plan from the Republicans. Someone making deep in the 6 figures and beyond would benefit from less regulation for his business or on Wall Street where they have a lot of money invested. A member of the "top 1%" crowd loves to hear that the already too low Capital Gains tax could be lowered from 15% to 5% or possibly eliminated completely. If the Capital Gains tax is eliminated, the Republicans claim it will create jobs when in reality all it will do would give the wealthy more of an incentive to put their money in real estate, stocks or bonds and pay no tax on it. The Republicans and their supporters seem to always forget what caused the financial collapse of 2008. The deregulation of the markets and the manipulation of the "game", which is what you will get again if the Republicans continue to deregulate across the board.

The Mitt Romney plan is an interesting one. Mitt Romney calls for the full repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act, tackling China's unfair trade habits and deregulating business. Now, we all could agree that China treats their workers horribly and our trade practices with them are awful. While China taxes the US nearly 25% on our exports, the US only taxes China at 2.5% for the products they send into the US. This is just one example of how damaging "free trade" and the open market can be. While companies love the idea of sending jobs overseas and paying workers bare bone salaries, the United States takes a major hit in situations like these. In addition to the country as a whole taking a hit, millions of workers lose their jobs as the greedy, cheap corporations continue to add money into their bank account instead of paying a US worker a fair wage.



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