You are hereCBS News (WUSA): Occupy Freedom Plaza Rolls Into Second Day

CBS News (WUSA): Occupy Freedom Plaza Rolls Into Second Day

-by Bruce Leshan 

October 7, 2011- This city has seen plenty of protests far bigger than the Occupy anti-war and "anti-corporate greed" protests.

But one difference is these demonstrators plan to camp on Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue day and night -- a bit like the Bonus Army in the depths of the depression.

And they say they're staying until the country starts changing for the better.

Waving flags and carrying a giant banner with the preamble to the Constitution, hundreds of protestors left Freedom Plaza to march across the National Mall. "I'm here to protest all the violence in the world. And since my time in Vietnam, it just never stops," said a vet who would only give his name as Jim.

This is the first protest for some of them. "I was a medical transcriptionist for thirty years," says Tina Strobel, an unemployed worker from Kansas City. "So what are you doing now?" I asked her. "This!" she replied, wading into the march.

Some are promising civil disobedience. A few invaded the Washington offices of drone maker General Atomic. But there have been no arrests -- the police are going out of their way to escort the marches.

Even some of the people caught in traffic are supportive. "Free speech, right?" "It's great." "Help people."

Activists who've struggled for decades to create a left wing populist movement say they've never been so excited. "People are out of their chairs, off the sofas, in the streets, organizing around principals. Not behind candidates," said David Swanson of



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