You are hereHuffington Post: Occupy DC: Protest Of Koch Industries' Downtown Office Planned

Huffington Post: Occupy DC: Protest Of Koch Industries' Downtown Office Planned

-by Arin greenwood

October 4, 2011- Occupy DC protesters are planning a protest of Koch Industries' downtown offices Tuesday evening. Jeffrey Light, an attorney involved with the protesters, told The Huffington Post that protesters will meet in McPherson Square at 5 p.m. before heading over to Koch's offices at 600 14th St NW.

"It might be closer to 5:30," Light said. "But we're telling people to be here at 5. We're going to march down there and protest outside their building for a little bit."

Light said the group is expecting 20 to 30 people to show up for the early-evening protest, which is inspired by Bloomberg News' recent expose of Koch Industries and its owners. At 6 p.m., after the protest, Occupy DC will be holding a General Assembly meeting -- one of the twice-daily meetings during which consensus is sought about every detail of the group's existence and purpose, from food to philosophy -- when they'll talk about who and what to protest tomorrow. A protest of former Vice President Dick Cheney's planned appearance at the Newseum could be in the works, Light said.

They'll also be talking about whether to keep their camp going at all, given the complementary -- but separate -- Stop the Machine protest scheduled to begin on Oct. 6 in Freedom Plaza, six blocks away.

Light told The Huffington Post that Occupy DC is discussing the possibility of merging with Stop the Machine. He isn't yet sure if the merge will happen; it'll depend on what the General Assembly decides.



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