You are hereInternational Business Times: Anthony Bologna of NYPD Part of Long History of Police Brutality, Cover-Ups

International Business Times: Anthony Bologna of NYPD Part of Long History of Police Brutality, Cover-Ups

-By Melanie Jones

September 29, 2011- The police brutality witnessed Saturday during the "Occupy Wall Street" protests, in particular the alleged pepper spray attack of several female protestors by Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, has provoked incredulity and rage across the nation. Such brutality, however, is part of a long history of the NYPD.

The Blue Shield of Silence

In 2009, Leonard Levitt, former NYPD beat correspondent for Newsweek, wrote "NYPD Confidential: Power and Corruption in the Country's Greatest Police Force." In it, he chronicled over twenty years of dirty cops, department scandals, and institutional corruption, including numerous cases where police brutality was swept under the rug, including the 1999 shooting of Amadou Diallo and the brutal torturing of Abner Louima in 1997.

Such cases occurred over twenty years ago, remnants of what the 1994 Mollen Commission called "today's corruption... characterized by brutality, theft, abuse of authority and active police criminality."

When looking at the past few years of the New York police force, however, the pull of "The Blue Shield of Silence" sometimes never seems stronger. Bologna, now under investigation for his actions on Wall Street, has already been a frequent focus of media outrage and scandal.

A 2001 report recovered by intelligence blog Cyptome claims Bologna is "notorious for his previous treatment of protesters," and described an allegation by the People's Law Collective that said Bologna shoved two protesters before later returning to arrest them.

At the 2004 Republican Convention, Bologna was again cited for unnecessary force, and stands accused of false arrest and civil rights violations in a claim filed in 2007.

Alan Levine, a civil rights lawyer representing a protester allegedly held in a special detention facility for hours during the 2004 Convention, heard about the pepper spray incident and immediately thought of Bologna. "A bunch of were wondering," he said, according to The Guardian, "if any of the same guys were involved."



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