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Is Berico Sheltering Aaron Barr?

By FZ - Posted on 25 May 2011

-Originally blogged by Stranded Wind on The Daily Kos

May 19, 2011- The HBGary fiasco, where @AaronBarr mouthed off to Anonymous, and then received the mother of all internet troll jobs, is now over a hundred days in the past. The world has forgotten, but Senate hearings, Department of Justice investigations, and civil suits from the intended victims of Team Themis are still very real hazards for the companies involved.

  I was noodling around today in job offerings for people with security clearances (don’t ask) and I noticed this gem.

  Reading this closely, I wonder if Berico isn’t providing a hiding place for Aaron Barr after his exit from HBGary.


  So this is a pedestrian job post, all in all. They want:

As an Intelligence Analyst at Berico, you play a vital role. It is your job to absorb the flow of SIGINT information from sources around the globe, study it, and assess its relevance and reliability. Using subject matter expertise, you formulate clear and comprehensible intelligence assessments that directly impact missions worldwide. Your work reaches the full spectrum of the Intelligence Community—from an assault force on the front lines to the policy-makers in Washington. You may conduct research on game-changing intelligence software and its application on the battlefield, study foreign cultures regarding counterintelligence, or track and target enemy networks. Berico’s influence runs the gamut: from informal reports to high-level briefings, your contribution resonates on a global level.

  So before Barr was the grand high lama of internet fuckups he was … a Navy SIGINT guy.

  And look at this:

Practical experience with Analyst Notebook, Palantir, or equivalent SNA toolset, the Microsoft tool suite, and industry standard GIS tool sets (ArcGIS, FalconView, or Google Earth).

   So Palantir and Analyst Notebook are both visualization tools, the SNA here stands for “social network analysis”. This isn’t specifically the social media stuff that got Barr into trouble, it’s the tools used to analyze complex interactions of groups.

     Because of his position in the conspiracy Barr is the one with the most information on what happened. The others involved are still under cover at their respective employers, lawyered up and ‘safe’ as far as such things go. If I were one of them I’d be wondering what sort of a deal the US Attorney would offer Barr if he’d flip for the rest of the crew.

    It makes sense that Berico would quietly open a position that fits Barr, post it so it all looks legit, hire him, and then place him in an role with no public facing duties.

   Anyone want to cruise Berico’s entrance morning and evening the next week or so and see if this guy is coming and going?



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