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Update: 1/18/11:

By FZ - Posted on 03 February 2011

We Call On FBI To Investigate Chamber Funding Of Candidates Who Support Violence

Today, we sent a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller requesting that the FBI investigate and prosecute IRS and FCC approved organizations that fund and promote violence against political candidates and others. See full letter here: We have been warning for years about the far right inciting violence, and Frank Schaeffer, who started the campaign with us, has gone on record as saying that these threats are a product of "lobbyist run" groups who have "a small army ... at their beck and call." He calls them, "American Brown Shirts at the ready." He names Freedom Works and American For Prosperity for being major supporters of intimidation tactics.

But its not just Dick Armey’s Brown Shirts that have engaged in this reprehensible conduct. In fact, during the 2010 election campaign, another lobbyist group, the United States Chamber of Commerce spent $162,000 to support Jesse Kelly in his eliminationist attacks on Gabrielle Giffords. And lobbyist tied group, American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS poured millions of dollars in ads supporting Sarah Palin backed candidates, including Sharon Angle alone with over $1.5 million who advocated "Second Amendment remedies" against her opponents. In fact, Sharon Angle was supported by more than 20 registered organizations with expenditures topping almost $8 million. Glenn Beck supported Michelle Bachman with free airtime after she asked her constituents to be "armed and dangerous," and he held a fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce which declared war on President Obama. FOX Chairman Rupert Murdoch helped fund the Chamber’s ad campaigns with a million dollar donation. Other groups authorized by the Internal Revenue Service also provided funding and material support to these groups and candidates that promoted violence against other candidates.

The IRS should not be authorizing or granting tax-exempt status to groups such as SarahPac, the Chamber of Commerce, American Crossroads, Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity that support and fund extremists who foment violence against fellow Americans and the United States Government under the guise of legitimate political activity. Many of these organizations are registered and operating for the promotion of the "public welfare" or as business leagues yet they are funding candidates that undermine democracy with threats of violence. Moreover, the FCC should not be granting licenses to news and media organizations that allow commentators to call for violence against fellow Americans whether directly or with coded words and commentary.

The DOJ has used criminal prosecutions against those who provide material support to designated foreign terrorist organizations. While Fox News, SarahPac, the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads are not designated terrorist organizations; they have provided funding and material support for people, candidates and groups that have used language advocating violence against public servants, and violence has occurred as a result. Clearly, these groups should be shuttered, and the principals behind them held accountable for crossing the line that has led to violence. We call for the FBI to bring them to justice.


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