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August 25, 2013- AlterNet: 6 Filthy Facts About the Rich

August 23, 2013- AlterNet: We'd All Be Much Wealthier If We Acted Like a Society—Instead We Prop Up the Private Wealth of a Small Number of Elites

August 22, 2013- Buzzflash: Elizabeth Warren Reads Riot Act to Holder for Not Prosecuting Big Bank Mortgage Fraud

August 18, 2013- Huffington Post: Lawmakers Backed By Chamber Of Commerce Spending Stall Business Lobby's Legislative Priorities

August 15, 2013- PR Watch: ALECexposed: List of Corporations and Special Interests that Underwrote ALEC's 40th Anniversary Meeting

August 15, 2013- The Daily Banter: Americans Finally Saying No to God Awful ‘McWages'

August 6, 2013- Waging Non-Violence: Can activists win the PR battle with the fossil fuel industry?

July 26, 2013- Addicting Info: Walmart Losing To Quirky Florida Based Publix – Employee Owned Company Touted By Forbes As ‘Wal-Mart Slayer’

July 19, 2013- NBC News: Feds file civil charges against hedge fund giant Steven A. Cohen

July 17, 2013- Naked Capitalism: McDonalds Tells Workers to Toil 70 Hours a Week, Use Ripoff Payroll Cards as Part of "Financial Literacy"

June 24, 2013- Media Matters: Will The Media Acknowledge U.S. Chamber's Sweep Of Supreme Court's Decisions?

June 13, 2013- Electronic Frontier Foundation: Chamber of Commerce Cries Uncle, Abandons Spurious Trademark Lawsuit Against the Yes Men

May 7, 2013- Think Progress: Bangladesh Factory Upgrades Could Cost Consumers As Little As 10 Cents Per Garment

April 26, 2013- Truthout: How the Prison-Industrial Complex Destroys Lives

April 21, 2013- Huffington Post: Real Faces of the Minimum Wage

April 9, 2013- AP: Exxon MTBE Lawsuit: New Hampshire Jury Finds Oil Giant Liable In Groundwater Contamination

April 8, 2013- Addicting Info: Bank Of America Wrongfully Foreclosed On Service Members: Will Now Pay In The Millions

April 8, 2013- AlterNet: Monsanto's Next Target: Democracy

April 7, 2013- RAW Story: Activists claim Arkansas oil spill diverted into wetland

April 6, 2013- Market Watch: Exxon hit with lawsuit over Arkansas spill

April 5, 2013- Washington Post: Five myths about the minimum wage

April 5, 2013- RT: Third major oil spill in a week: Shell pipeline breaks in Texas

April 5, 2013- Addicting Info: BREAKING: The 1% Caught Hiding Trillions In Tax Havens, 100,000 Names Leaked

April 4, 2013- Gawker: Everything You Need to Know (So Far) About the Largest Leak of Offshore Financial Secrets in History

April 2, 2013- AlterNet: The 1% Bug-Out Plan: Why Third-World Billionaires Are Buying Fortresses in London, New York and Miami

April 1, 2013- AlterNet: Fiduciary Duty to Cheat? Stock Market Super-Star Jim Chanos Reveals the Perverse New Mindset of Financial Fraudsters

March 20, 2013- The Atlantic: Why the Rich Don't Give to Charity

March 17, 2013- CBC News: Alberta lobbies for Keystone XL in New York Times ad

March 6, 2013- National Guest Worker Alliance: Work Stoppage Exposes McDonald’s Labor Abuse

March 6, 2013- MSN: 'By the grace of God': How workers survive on $7.25 per hour

March 5, 2013- The Brad Blog: Chinese Cyber Attacks on U.S. Targets Said to Mirror U.S. Chamber of Commerce Cyber Plot Targeting Progressives Such as The BRAD BLOG

March 5, 2013- Rochester Post-Bulletin: IBM to move most manufacturing out of Rochester

March 4, 2013- Think Progress: Corporate Profits Have Risen Almost 20 Times Faster Than Workers’ Incomes Since 2008

March 3, 2013- AlterNet: Sh*t CEOs Say: 6 Outrageous Statements from America's Big-Mouthed Overlords 

March 3, 2013- NY Times: Recovery in U.S. Is Lifting Profits, but Not Adding Jobs

March 2, 2013- Moyers & Company: Why Are Walmart Billionaires Bankrolling Phony School ‘Reform’ In LA?

February 27, 2013- The Examiner: State Republicans propose bill that would abolish minimum wage

February 26, 2013- City Watch: How FDR Would Bring Back America’s Middle Class: Tax the Rich  

February 26, 2013- The Daily Change: The 10 Biggest Banks Get Almost As Much Money From Taxpayers As The Sequester Cuts

February 22, 2013- Truthout: Football Stadium Named After Private Prison Company Blurs Line Between Retribution and Recreation

February 22, 2013- Truthout: Raising the Minimum Wage Is Good for Business (But the Corporate Lobby Doesn't Think So)

February 22, 2013- McClatchy: Coast Guard Finds Violations on Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig

February 22, 2013- Think Progress: Montana Bill Would Give Corporations The Right To Vote

February 21, 2013- The American Prospect: Financial Reform's Triple "F" Rating

February 21, 2013- Huffington Post: Immigration Bill: Business, Labor Groups Announce Agreement On Key Component

February 20, 2013- PR Watch: Citizens United 2.0? Supreme Court Could Further Open Door to Money in Politics

February 20, 2013- The Guardian: Keystone XL will have 'no impact on climate change', TransCanada boss says 

February 19, 2013- Counter Currents: What The 1% Heard During Obama's State Of The Union Speech

February 18, 2013- Eco Watch: Confirmed: Tar Sands Toxic Liquid Waste Contaminating Local Waterways

February 18, 2013- AlterNet: 9 Economic Facts That Will Make Your Head Spin

February 18, 2013- AlterNet: Playing Golf as the Planet Burns: Obama Meets With Oil-Man as Protesters Call for Halt to Keystone Pipeline

February 17, 2013- RAW Story: Thousands protest Keystone XL pipeline in D.C. 

February 16, 2013- NY Times: Don't Blink, or You'll Miss Another Bailout

February 13, 2013- Naked Capitalism: Yes, Virginia, the Rich Continue to Get Richer: the Top 1% Got 121% of Income Gains Since 2009 

February 7, 2013- Huffington Post: Inequality Is Much Worse Than You Think

January 23, 2013- The Contributor: Ending Corporate Tax Dodging Would Cut Deficit By Twice As Much As Hiking Medicare Age

January 22, 2013- AlterNet: 4 Bogus Right-Wing Theories About Poverty, and the Real Reason Americans Can’t Make Ends Meet (Hard Times USA)

January 21, 2013- Reuters: The Swiss turn on the super-rich

January 17, 2013- CBC News: John Kerry owns stock in Canadian pro-Keystone XL firms

January 17, 2013- Oil Change International: Petroleum Coke: The Coal Hiding in the Tar Sands

January 4, 2013- Grist: Surprise: Shell’s rig ran aground in Alaska because the company was trying to avoid taxes

January 3, 2013- Alaska Dispatch: Shell hoped to save millions in taxes by moving now-grounded drill rig out of Alaska

December 28, 2012- Think Progress: What Could Have Been: The Most Important Bills Blocked by Republicans in 2012

December 11, 2012- AlterNet: Twinkie CEO Admits Company Took Employees Pensions and Put It Toward Executive Pay

November 28, 2012- Charleston Gazette: Longtime Massey official cooperating as Upper Big Branch probe widens

November 27, 2012- PR Watch: Corrections Corporation of America Used in Drug Sweeps of Public School Students

November 26, 2012- AP: Wal-Mart distances itself from fire in Bangladesh

November 21, 2012- CNN Money: Wal-Mart warns workers on Black Friday strike

November 20, 2012- The Nation: Occupy Walmart: Workers Plan Black Friday Protests

November 17, 2012- Common Dreams: Momentum Builds for Historic Black Friday Strike at Walmart

November 16, 2012- Bloomberg: Wal-Mart Workers' Black Friday Strike

November 9, 2012- Huffington Post: Walmart Black Friday Strike Being Organized Online For Stores Across U.S.

November 7, 2012- Washington Post: For U.S. Chamber of Commerce, election was a money-loser

October 2, 2012- Huffington Post: Super PAC Barrage Coming To House Races Across The Country

September 17, 2012- Politico: Chamber reserves $280k in Maine Senate race

September 14, 2012- Huffington Post: Walmart Warehouse Workers Pilgrimage For 50 Miles Over 6 Days To Protest Working Conditions

August 29, 2012- The Nation: The US Chamber of Commerce's Multimillion-Dollar Attack Plan

August 14, 2012- Truthout: Virgin Galactic's Space Tourism Venture for the 1% Will Warm the Globe for the Rest of Us

July 24, 2012- Think Progress: Senate GOP Provides $1.1 Million Tax Cut To Wealthy Estates While Raising Taxes On 20 Million Working Families

July 23, 2012- Campaign for America's Future: Romney: Protecting the Rich Is More Important Than Deficit Reduction

June 27, 2012- PressTV: NY probes Chamber of Commerce political funding

June 21, 2012- The Examiner: J.P. Morgan makes billions in profits from food stamps every year

June 21, 2012- Huffington Post: Supreme Court: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Undefeated This Term

June 13, 2012- Reader Supported News: Sanders Releases Explosive Bailout List

June 13, 2012- Huffington Post: Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises

June 4, 2012- ProPublica: How Bank of America Execs Hid Losses—In Their Own Words

May 22, 2012- Republic Report: Corporate Lobbying Group Asks Supreme Court Not To Use “Empirical Evidence” Of Corruption When Reconsidering Citizens United

May 8, 2012- MSNBC: Twitter protects Occupy protester's privacy

April 27, 2012- Huffington Post: FEC Disclosure Loophole Closes On Secret Donors As Court Won't Stay Ruling

April 26, 2012- PowerShift.Org: Bank of America's "Automated Truth Machines" hit Washington, DC!

April 24, 2012- Washington Post: Wal-Mart took part in lobbying campaign to amend anti-bribery law

April 23, 2012- Truthout: Shareholders Say No to Citigroup CEO Pay: A Model for Fighting Crony Capitalism

April 21, 2012- NY Times: Vast Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart After Top-Level Struggle

April 19, 2012- EcoWatch: BP Covered Up Blow-out Two Years Prior to Deadly Deepwater Horizon Spill

April 18, 2012- Gizmodo: BP Oil Spill Aftermath: Eyeless Shrimp, Clawless Crabs and Fish with Oozing Sores

April 18, 2012- CNN Money: Big Business gets a break on financial reform

April 17, 2012- NY Times: Citigroup’s Chief Rebuffed on Pay by Shareholders

April 16, 2012- AlterNet: 50 Percent Pay Cuts at GE's Plants: Is This the Future of American Jobs?

March 31, 2012- Bloomberg: Campaign Donor Advertising Rule Invalidated by U.S. Judge 

March 30, 2012- Huffington Post: Koch Brothers, Chamber of Commerce Face Possible Campaign Donation Disclosure After Ruling

March 21, 2012- Huffington Post: Disclose Act's Latest Incarnation Would Force Vote On Secret Political Slush Funds

March 14, 2012- Rolling Stone: Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail

March 11, 2012- NY Times: Wall Street Protesters Complain of Police Surveillance

March 9, 2012- Huffington Post: Banks Repaid Fed Bailout With Other Fed Money: Government Report

March 7, 2012- Huffington Post: Edward Lampert, Sears Holdings Chairman, Buys $40 Million Private Island Home As Sears Shutters Stores

March 1, 2012- NBC News: Some Wall Streeters facing tough times on just $350,000 a year

March 1, 2012- Republic Report: Congressman Who Blasted “Corporate Control Of Our Democracy” Attends Fundraiser Hosted By AT&T Lobbyist 

February 22, 2012- Think Progress: Blame Oil Speculators, Not Obama, For Rising Oil Prices 

February 22, 2012- MSNBC: Mine boss charged with fraud after deadly blast

February 15, 2012- Slate: Radical Solutions to Economic Inequality

February 14, 2012- RAW Story: Private prison company offers to buy 48 states’ prisons

February 14, 2012- Think Progress: INTERNAL DOCUMENTS: The Secret, Corporate-Funded Plan To Teach Children That Climate Change Is A Hoax 

February 13, 2012- NY Times: Apple Asks Outside Group to Inspect Factories

February 9, 2012- Washington Post: D.C. homeowners eligible for $40 million from mortgage fraud settlement

February 9, 2012- Veracity Stew: House Approves Congressional Insider-Trading Bill 417 to 2

February 8, 2012- Politifact: U.S. Chamber of Commerce ad attacking Tim Kaine says health care law 'will kill jobs across America'

February 7, 2012- LA Times: Mortgage settlement is too little, too late for many

February 7, 2012- Think Progress: How the 1 Percent Fundraises: Scotch, Cigars, Lounge Suits and Cocktail Dresses

February 7, 2012- Reuters: BP squares up for oil spill lawsuits

February 4, 2012- Washington Post: Occupy D.C. camp raided by police

February 4, 2012- CBS News: Cops converge on Occupy D.C. site

February 3, 2012- Think Progress: U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Plunges To 40 Year Low Of 12.1 Percent

February 2, 2012- Think Progress: Is Eric Cantor Trying To Kill The Proposed Ban On Congressional Insider Trading?

February 1, 2012- AlteNet: Doomsday Scenario: What Happens When Banks Control the Economy?

January 31, 2012- Huffington Post: Working Poor: Almost Half Of U.S. Households Live One Crisis From The Bread Line

January 30, 2012- Huffington Post: Auction 2012: How The Bank Lobby Owns Washington

January 30, 2012- Huffington Post: Anonymous And The War Over The Internet

January 26, 2012- Huffington Post: STOCK Act: Insider Trading Bill To Receive Senate Vote Next Week

January 25, 2012- Reuters: Exclusive: Senate investigating HSBC for money laundering

January 23, 2012- The Telegraph: Executive pay to be linked to rank-and-file salaries

January 23, 2012- Truthdig: Thank You for Standing Up

January 21, 2012- Huffington Post: Chamber of Commerce Sends Internal Email Reassessing SOPA, Protect IP

January 13, 2012- Washington Post: Occupiers aren’t running for office. They have their sights set higher.

January 13, 2012- Think Progress: Chamber Of Commerce Drops Call For Health Care Repeal From Annual Policy Address

January 13, 2012- Huffington Post: Elizabeth Warren Leaves Voicemail For Scott Brown, Asking For Third Party Détente

January 12, 2012- ABC News: Chamber Promises to Meddle in Elizabeth Warren’s Senate Race

January 12, 2012- Al-Jazeera: Buying Congress in 2012

January 11, 2012- CBS News: Social tensions growing in U.S. between rich, poor

January 10, 2012- National Confidential: Romney Got $10 Million Federal Bailout At Bain

January 9, 2012- AlterNet: Four Creepy Ways Big Pharma Peddles its Drugs

December 28, 2011- The Cap Times: Paul Ryan is scam artist of the year

December 27, 2011- The Fiscal Times: America’s Best Kept Secret: Rising Suburban Poverty 

December 26, 2011- Reuters: China arrests executives in insider trading crackdown

December 24, 2011- NJ.Com: Man brings feast, gifts to homeless living in Lakewood's Tent City

December 23, 2011- The Atlantic: The 13 Countries With Higher Manufacturing Salaries Than the U.S.

Decmeber 22, 2011- The Nation: Revolution Through Banking?

December 21, 2011- Forbes: How Germany Builds Twice as Many Cars as the U.S. While Paying Its Workers Twice as Much

December 21, 2011- Digital Journal: Record bank bonuses of $156 billion expected for 2011

December 21, 2011- RT: CIA won’t disclose involvement in OWS crackdowns

December 21, 2011- Wall St Journal: China Hackers Hit U.S. Chamber

December 12, 2012- Salon: Obama: I can’t comment on Wall Street prosecutions

December 12, 2011- Huffington Post: Harry Reid On Payroll Tax Cut Fight: 'Millionaire Job Creators Are Like Unicorns' 

December 11, 2011- Salon: Obama: I can’t comment on Wall Street prosecutions

December 10, 2011- AlterNet: Wall St's Latest Shameless Ploy to Fleece You

December 7, 2011- Mother Jones: OWS Takes the Fight to GOP Donors at Cantor Fundraiser

December 6, 2011- New York Times: Mine Owner Will Pay $209 Million in Blast That Killed 29 Workers

December 6, 2011- AlterNet: The Real History of 'Corporate Personhood': Meet the Man to Blame for Corporations Having More Rights Than You

December 5, 2011- MSNBC: 3 Days of Demonstrations on National Mall

December 1, 2011- Yahoo News: How Republicans are being taught to talk about Occupy Wall Street

December 1, 2011- Truthout: Occupy Demands: Let's Radicalize Our Analysis of Empire, Economics, Ecology

December 1, 2011- Business Insider: Iceland Arrests Former CEO Of Failed Bank

November 25, 2011- The Guardian: The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy

November 23, 2011- Think Progress: Wall Street’s Recession Cost 1.5 Million Times More Than The Cost Of Securing Occupy Protests

November 22, 2011- Think Progress: Occupy Athens Scores Victory As Commissioners Place 90-Day Hold On Wal-Mart Construction

November 22, 2011- Think Progress: Former AIG CEO Sues Claiming Taxpayers Need To Pony Up $25 Billion More

November 22, 2011- LA Times: 'Anonymous' hackers target pepper-spraying UC Davis police officer

November 21, 2011- Scientific American: About Pepper Spray

November 21, 2011- Gawker: ‘It’s a Food Product, Essentially’: Fox News Starts Spinning Pepper Spray Cops

November 21, 2011- The Examiner: Rep. Joe Walsh calls OWS and Veterans "Anti-American" & "Clueless"

November 19, 2011- MSNBC: Lobbying firm's memo spells out plan to undermine Occupy Wall Street

November 18, 2011- Yes! Magazine: Occupy Wall Street to World: This Is So Not Over!

November 18, 2011- Think Progress: Billionaires Use Tax Loophole To Lower Their Tax Rates To 1 Percent 

November 18, 2011- This Can't be Happening: National Lawyers Guild Files FOIA Requests Seeking Evidence of Federal Role in Occupy Crackdown

November 18, 2011- Think Progress: New York Churches Shelter Occupy Protesters, Now Monitored By New York Police

November 17, 2011- AlterNet: Privatization Nightmare: 5 Public Services That Should Never Be Handed Over to Greedy Corporations

November 17, 2011- SF Weekly: Seven Awful Things Ann Coulter Just Said About Occupy Wall Street 

November 17, 2011- Institute for Policy Studies: The Global Super-Rich Stash: Now $25 Trillion

November 17, 2011- Addicting Info: Deconstructing Right-Wing Myths About Socialism, Capitalism, and Who The ‘Job Creators’ Are

November 17, 2011- Think Progress: Report: The Billions Corporations Avoided Paying In Taxes Would Have Created Over 100,000 Jobs In Education

November 17, 2011- Think Progress: Reporters For Right-Wing Publication Daily Caller Beaten By NYPD, Helped By Protesters

November 16, 2011- Yes! Magazine: Lessons of a Police Chief: Militarization is a Mistake

November 16, 2011- Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue Made $4.7 Million In 2010

November 16, 2011- The Guardian: Michael Bloomberg's brave new world

November 15, 2011- AlterNet: Police Being Sued for Violent Crackdown on Occupy Oakland

November 15, 2011- RAW Story: Judge issues restraining order against Zuccotti Park evictions

November 14, 2011- RAW Story: Oil industry attempts to co-opt ’99 Percent’ movement

November 11, 2011- Montreal Gazette: Obama puts Keystone pipeline in limbo 

November 9, 2011- Washington Post: In McPherson Square, Occupy D.C. creates a vibrant brand of urbanism

November 8, 2011- USA Today: U.S. wealth gap between young and old is widest ever

November 7, 2011- Utah Daily Herald: Wealth gap between old and young becomes widest ever

November 7, 2011- Truthout: The One Percent Turns Class War Into Generational War

November 6, 2011- New York Times: A Hidden Toll as States Shift to Contract Workers

November 6, 2011- Tom Dispatch: The War on the Home Front

November 6, 2011- Daytona Beach News-Journal: U.S. Senate candidates address Tea Party Florida Convention

November 5, 2011- Washington Post: What caused the financial crisis? The Big Lie goes viral.

November 4, 2011- Campaign For America's Future: Op-Ed: With People In Streets, Mubarak Congress Focused On Taking Money Out Of Economy

November 4, 2011- Benzinga: Google to Dump the Chamber of Commerce?

November 3, 2011- NYT OpEd: Oligarchy, American Style

November 3, 2011- Al Jazeera: Police clash with 'Occupy Oakland' protesters

November 1, 2011- Chicagoist: Board of Trade Offers Job Counseling Advice for Occupy Chicago

October 31, 2011- Richmond Times-Dispatch: Occupy Richmond protesters discuss next steps

October 29, 2011- Addicting Info: Former Facebook President Demands Sympathy for Billionaires

October 29, 2011- The Guardian: The protesters seem more adult than politicians and plutocrats

October 29, 2011- NYT: OpEd: Our Unpaid, Extra Shadow Work

October 28, 2011- Politicus USA: The Right Launches A Smear Campaign Against Occupy Oakland’s Scott Olsen

October 28, 2011- Gawker: How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job

October 27, 2011- Think Progress: REPORT: House GOP’s ‘Job Creating’ Spending Cuts Destroyed 370,000 Jobs

October 26, 2011- Forbes: The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything

October 26, 2011- Consortium News: The MSM’s Fear of OWS

October 26, 2011- Truthout: Timothy Leary on the Wall Street Occupation Movement

October 26, 2011- Truthout: Occupy Wall Street's Battle Against American-Style Authoritarianism

October 25, 2011- Truthout: Occupy Writers: A Mirror of and a Stimulant for the Occupy Movement

October 25, 2011- Truthout: My Vision of the 99 Percent Street Protests: A Balanced Empowerment Society

October 25, 2011- Truthout: Glenn Greenwald: Why Is the Elite Class Protected Under America's Justice System?

October 24, 2011- New York Times: Outside Cleveland, Snapshots of Poverty’s Surge in the Suburbs

October 24, 2011- The Brad Blog: U.S. Chamber's Disgraced Smear Plot Conspirator, 'Anonymous' Foe, Aaron Barr Found Collaborating with Self-Appointed #OccupyWallStreet 'Snitch'

October 23, 2011- Salon: At OccupyDC, Egypt’s revolutionaries chide U.S.

October 22, 2011- Consortium News: Selling Out the Tea Partiers

October 21, 2011- The Daily Mail: Does one ‘super-corporation’ run the global economy? Study claims it could be terrifyingly unstable

October 20, 2011- RAW Story: Louisiana bans using cash in sales of second-hand goods

October 20, 2011- The Hill: Chamber hits NLRB with ad campaign

October 20, 2011- Huffington Post: Occupy Wall Street And Anonymous: Turning A Fledgling Movement Into A Meme

October 20, 2011- Think Progress: Radio Show Distributed By NPR Fires Host After She Takes Part In Protests

October 19, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Occupy Wall Street Demographic Survey Results Will Surprise You

October 18, 2011- Crooks & Liars: GOP Debate Crowd Cheers Blaming Protesters for Lack of Jobs

October 17, 2011- Truthdig: A Movement Too Big to Fail

October 16, 2011- Washington Post: Activist Cornel West among 19 people arrested for protesting on steps of Supreme Court

October 16, 2011- Addicting Info: Occupy’s Rebuttal to Right-Wing Media Critics: The Tea Party’s Violent ‘DontGo Movement’

October 14, 2011- RAW Story: Tea Party co-founder expresses support for Occupy Wall Street

October 13, 2011- Business Insider: Erin Burnett's Ratings Have Dropped 30%

October 13, 2011- OpEd News: Will OWS Protesters Target Brookfield Properties, Zuccoti Park Owner Forcing Cleanup

October 13, 2011- Medical News Today: FDA Allowed Unsafe Seafood Onto Market After BP Oil Spill Disaster

October 13, 2011- AP: Hedge fund exec gets 11 years for insider trading

October 13, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Dems Slam GOP For Pushing Abortion Bill Instead Of Job Creation

October 10, 2011- Crain's New York: 'Millionaire' home visits add to Wall Street protests  

October 10, 2011- Gawker: Here’s Video of James O’Keefe Scheming at Occupy Wall Street

October 10, 2011- MSNBC: Protesters Granted 4-Month Extension

October 10, 2011- MSNBC: New ice cream flavor: Fat Cat Fudge Ripple?

October 9, 2011- Think Progress: Rep. Peter King (R-NY): Do Not Allow Any Legitimacy For Wall Street Protests, Or It Will Be Like 1960s Again

October 7, 2011- Think Progress: Eleven Facts You Need to Know About the Nation’s Biggest Banks

October 7, 2011- Campaign For America's Future: Occupy Wall Street: Demanding Justice

October 7, 2011- The Examiner: The Republican jobs "plan"- An analyses of a corporate takeover

October 7, 2011- CBS News (WUSA): Occupy Freedom Plaza Rolls Into Second Day

October 7, 2011- Twin Cities.Com: Wall Street protesters gathering in downtown Minneapolis

October 7, 2011- MSNBC: Cantor says he's concerned by 'mobs' at 'Occupy Wall Street'

October 7, 2011- The Hill: Rand Paul blames Obama for 'inflaming' Occupy Wall Street protests, worries of 'lawlessness'

October 6, 2011- New York Times OpEd: Confronting the Malefactors

October 6, 2011- CBS News (WUSA): 1000s Of "Occupy" Protestors Take Freedom Plaza

October 4, 2011- Truthout: US Tax Policies Benefit Rich

October 4, 2011- Truthout: An Open Letter to Wall Street

October 4, 2011- Politicus USA: Glenn Beck Begins His Campaign Of Lies Against Occupy Wall Street

October 4, 2011- Huffington Post: Occupy DC: Protest Of Koch Industries' Downtown Office Planned 

October 3, 2011- Truthout: Anatomy of a $30 Billion Medicare Crime

October 3, 2011- Think Progress: Five Facts You Should Know About the Wealthiest One Percent of Americans 

October 3, 2011- Orion Magazine: The Reign of the One Percenters: Income Inequality and the Death of Culture in New York City

October 3, 2011- The Daily: RAGE ACROSS AMERICA

October 2, 2011- Naked Capitalism: Is JP Morgan Getting a Good Return on $4.6 Million "Gift" to New York City Police?

October 2, 2011- Reuters: More than 700 arrested in Wall Street protest

October 1, 2011- Addicting Info: Semper Fi: Marines Coming To Protect Protesters On Wall Street

October 1, 2011- Business Insider: Dear Citi Customers: Now It's Your Turn To Be Socked With A Massive Monthly Fee

October 1, 2011- Daily Caller: Sen. Sanders praises Wall Street protests, tweets: #OccupyDC

October 1, 2011- October 2011: NYC White Shirt Police Commanders Entrap Occupy Wall Street; Arrest 500, or is it 700; JOIN OCCUPY WALL STREET

October 1, 2011- RAW Story: Fox host: Occupy Wall Street protestors are ‘dirty’ and useless

September 30, 2011- RAW Story: 200,000-member labor union votes to support ‘Occupy Wall Street’

September 29, 2011- International Business Times: Anthony Bologna of NYPD Part of Long History of Police Brutality, Cover-Ups

September 29, 2011- Business Insider: A Massive Union Just Voted To Side With The Wall Street Protesters

September 28, 2011- The Daily Mail: Ladies and gentleman, we are currently cruising down Wall Street because we are fed up with our bosses! Pilots stage protest

September 28, 2011- Village Voice: Ray Kelly: NYPD 'Will Look' Into Occupy Wall Street Pepper-Spraying

September 27, 2011- Huffington Post: Anthony Bologna, NYPD Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed Protester, Had Role In 2004 Incidents

September 27, 2011- Market Watch: Continental and United Pilots Rally in New York City's Financial District to Highlight Slow Pace of Contract Negotiations and Lack of Merger Progress

September 26, 2011- In These Times: Herman Cain, the Other NRA and the Stagnant Minimum Wage

September 25, 2011- NY Daily News: Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during 'inequality' march

September 22, 2011- Politicus USA: Republicans Demand A Gift For Big Oil In Exchange For Disaster Relief

September 21, 2011- The Register: Yahoo! apologizes for blocking Wall Street protest emails

September 20, 2011- National Law Journal: Chamber files suit over new labor posters

September 20, 2011- Think Progress: Yahoo Appears To Be Censoring Email Messages About Wall Street Protests 

September 17, 2011- Salon: The theft of the American pension

September 17, 2011- Bloomberg: Protesters Converge on Lower Manhattan, Plan ‘Occupation'

September 15, 2011- Washington Post: What Wall Street doesn’t want us to know about oil prices

September 15, 2011- Truthout: A Political Casualty of 9/11: The Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement

September 14, 2011- Campaign for America's Future: The Phony Solyndra Solar Scandal 

September 14, 2011- Reuters: U.S. blames BP for Gulf spill

September 14, 2011- Truthout: Dean Baker: Why Didn't We Make These Guys Run Around Naked With Their Underpants Over Their Heads?

September 13, 2011- RH Reality Check: Perry and the HPV Vaccine: Selling Women's Health (and Everything Else) to the Highest Bidder

September 12, 2011- The Guardian: Lehman Brothers: three years of denial

September 12, 2011- Campaign for America's Future: 10 Years Of Capital Gains Tax Cuts Proves: Rich Win, You Lose 

September 12, 2011- RAW Story: Chamber of Commerce radio ad targets Obama’s ‘radical pro-union agenda’

September 10, 2011- Think Progress: GOP Reps. Dismiss Tax Cut for Working Americans in Favor of Giveaways to Corporations

September 9, 2011- Washington Post: Bank of America retrenches, plans to cut 40,000 jobs

September 5, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Teamsters President: ‘No Regrets’ After Fiery Speech Draws Right-Wing Criticism

September 5, 2011- AP: US Chamber spells out its own job agenda

August 31, 2011- The Examiner: Cheating America- 25 CEOs who make more than their companies pay in taxes

August 30, 2011- Inequality.Org: Remembering the Moment Our CEOs Dug In

August 20, 2011- The Nation: Civil Disobedience on Tar Sands Begins Outside the White House

August 20, 2011- Truthout: Nuclear Missiles, Cluster Bombs, Koch Brother-Like Legal Activism and Climate Solutions!? Greenwashing Lockheed Martin

August 19, 2011- CNN: U.S. to hold first Gulf lease sale since Deepwater Horizon spill

August 18, 2011- Labor Notes: Verizon Cuts Off Strikers’ Health Care, as Service Outages Rise

August 18, 2011- Think Progress: CAUGHT ON TAPE: Bank Of America’s Director Of Public Policy Tells Rick Perry ‘We’ll Help You Out’

August 18, 2011- Think Progress: Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations

August 12, 2011- Counterpunch: High-Stakes Blackmail “Malefactors of Great Wealth”

August 12, 2011- Huffington Post: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Battles Anti-Bribery Statute

August 10, 2011- Campaign For America's Future: Verizon's Workers Strike Back At Corporate Greed -- You Can Join Them!

August 10, 2011- Tech Dirt: CoC's 'Victims Of Internet Piracy' Look More Like 'Victims Of Propagandist Exploitation'

August 8, 2011- Washington Post: Appeals court upholds campaign finance ban on foreign donations

August 3, 2011- The Hill: Chamber threatens suit over union rules

August 1, 2011- Bloomberg: ‘Embarrassed’ Corporate Leaders Quiet on Fight

July 28, 2011- Talking Points Memo: U.S. Chamber To Rank Politicians On Whether They Vote To Keep Contractor Donations Secret

July 25, 2011- Huffington Post: Free Trade Deals: Lobbying Fever Foreshadows Winners, Losers

July 18, 2011- AlterNet: Federal Investigation Reveals Massey's Upper Big Branch Mine a 'Man-Made Hellhole'

July 18, 2011- iWatch News: Murdoch's News Corp Lobbied on Privacy Issues as Hacking Controversy Bubbled 

July 15, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Cantor’s Last Stand? GOP Leader Will Own Debt Talks Gridlock

July 15, 2011- Truthout: Why Banks Aren't Lending: The Silent Liquidity Squeeze

July 14, 2011- OpEd News: The Ultimate Goal of the Bankster-led Political-economic Warfare Being Waged Against Us Is . . . ?

July 14, 2011- The Guardian: Phone hacking: Murdoch paid US anti-bribery law lobbyists 

July 13, 2011- Think Progress: News Corp-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Leading Campaign To Weaken Key Anti-Bribery Law

July 13, 2011- Think Progress: Meet The Indonesian Workers Who Make Your Nikes: 50 Cent Hourly Wages, Beatings, And Humiliation

July 12, 2011- Think Progress: Chamber Of Commerce Calls For More Foreclosures, No More Help For Homeowners

July 11, 2011- Politico: Jeff Immelt, Tom Donohue: Make deal now

July 8, 2011- Think Progress: Bachmann: ‘I Hope’ Higher Unemployment Will Help My Campaign

July 8, 2011- Center for Economic and Policy Research: Just 18,000 New Jobs in June Leads to Another Rise in Unemployment

July 8, 2011- Truthout: The Market Is Lying: Why We Must Tax Carbon, Not Subsidize It

July 6, 2011- Salon: The final nail in the supply side coffin

July 6, 2011- Truthout: Massey Energy's Man-Made Hellhole

July 6, 2011- Think Progress: Closing The Hedge Fund Manager Tax Loophole Would Raise $4 Billion Annually From The 25 Richest Managers

July 6, 2011- Yahoo: Republicans, U.S. Chamber ‘crash’ Obama Twitter Town Hall

July 5, 2011- Truthdig: The Tea Party and Goldman Sachs: A Love Story

July 5, 2011- Truthout: Subsidizing Profits, Weakening Social Security: The Employer Payroll Tax Cut

July 3, 2011- NYT: OpEd: Corporate Cash Con

July 3, 2011- Campaign for America's Future: The New War of Independence - Against Corporate Politics 

July 3, 2011- New York Magazine: Obama’s Original Sin 

July 3, 2011- NYT: Executives' Pay at Big Companies Rose 23 Percent Last Year

July 1, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Oil Company Who Profited In The Deepwater Horizon Spill Tries to Get Out Of Paying Royalties

July 1, 2011- Salon: Do companies want to hide CEO pay?

July 1, 2011- The Hill: Google hiring 12 lobbying firms as FTC readies antitrust probe

July 1, 2011- RAW Story: Anonymous, Food Not Bombs to test Orlando police Monday by feeding homeless

June 30, 2011- NYT: The Wageless, Profitable Recovery

June 30, 2011- NYT: Public Workers Strike in Britain Over Pensions

June 30, 2011- Yes! Magazine: How the Bailout Killed Local Lending—And How Some States Hope to Bring It Back

June 30, 2011- Think Progress: Since 2009, 88 Percent Of Income Growth Went To Corporate Profits, Just One Percent Went To Wages

June 29, 2011- Anchorage Daily News: Shell president optimistic on Arctic, anxious to explore

June 29, 2011- NPR: Officials: W.Va. Mine Operator Kept Two Sets Of Safety Records

June 27, 2011- Salon: The rich aren't like you and me

June 26, 2011- OpEd News: Could state-owned banks have prevented our financial crisis?

June 26, 2011- The Nation: 29 Miners and Massey's Coal Crimes

June 25, 2011- Think Progress: Oil Industry Forms New Astroturf Group To Manipulate 2012 Republican Primary In Iowa

June 24, 2011- Reuters: Madoff trustee triples JPMorgan suit to $19 billion

June 23, 2011- AlterNet: Apple, Google, Microsoft Sitting on 58 Billion in Overseas Profits, Blackmailing Us to Avoid Taxes

June 23, 2011- Think Progress: Evan Bayh Shills For Chamber’s Anti-Regulation Campaign With A Series of False Claims

June 22, 2011- The Guardian: A sinister cyber-surveillance scheme exposed

June 22, 2011- The Examiner: The Corporate Court

June 21, 2011- Reuters: JPMorgan to pay $153.6 million in SEC fraud case

June 21, 2011- Wall St.Journal: J.P. Morgan to Pay $153.6 Million to Settle SEC Charges

June 21, 2011- Bloomberg: BofA May Sell Part of CCB Stake to Bolster Capital

June 21, 2011- Campaign for America's Future: Source of Missing Jobs in America Found: Forced Laborers

June 20, 2011- The Hill: FTC probes possible oil market manipulation

June 20, 2011- The Nation: Dukes v. Wal-Mart and the Limits of Legal Change

June 17, 2011- Talking Points Memo: GOP, Dems Square Off Over NLRB Case Against Boeing

June 17, 2011- Citizen Vox: Helpful Hints for our Honored Opponents 

June 15, 2011- Inside Higher Ed: Open Lands, Closed Books

June 15, 2011- Think Progress: GOP Civil War Erupts: Tea Party Freshman Rips Chamber CEO Tom Donahue

June 15, 2011- Huffington Post: Giving A Face To 'Anonymous': A Meeting With A Member Of The Secret Society Of Hackers

June 14, 2011- Crooks & Liars: Surprise! Bank of America "Significantly Hampered" Federal Investigations

June 14, 2011- Crooks & Liars: USUncut New York Holds Sleep-In At Bank of America's Brooklyn Branch

June 14, 2011- Truthout: Unions Save Lives 

June 13, 2011- Atlanta Business Chronicle: U.S. Chamber’s Tom Donohue tells Atlanta Rotary how business is faring in D.C.

June 13, 2011- Think Progress: JP Morgan Records Largest Profit Ever, While Community Devastated By Its Predatory Lending Sheds 1,000 Workers

June 11, 2011- Think Progress: Bachmann Calls For Huge Corporate Tax Cut Alongside Tax Increase For The Working Poor

June 10, 2011- AlterNet: Ayn Rand's Poison: GOP Faces Backlash for Their Obsessive Worship of a Psycho

June 10, 2011- Think Progress: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fights Regulations On Chemicals Linked to Penis Deformations, Birth Defects

June 8, 2011- The Nation: Cut Wall Street Down to Size With a Financial Speculation Tax

June 8, 2011- Think Progress: Clean Start: June 8, 2011

June 6, 2011- Legal Schnauzer: Bush-Era U.S. Attorney Is the Target of a Federal Investigation

June 3, 2011- Daily Mail: Billionaire tears down $43.5m Hamptons house because he didn't have 'enough ocean views'

May 25, 2011- LA Times: GOP seeks to block disclosure requirements for political donations

May 25, 2011- Politico: Ryan blames NY-26 on Dem 'scare tactics'

May 25, 2011- Huffington Post: IRS To Take On Karl Rove? Tax Laws Could Take A Bite Out Of Secret Political Spending 

May 24, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins Upset In NY-26, Medicare Vote Key To Victory 

May 23, 2011- Thinq: Anonymous targets US Chamber of Commerce website

May 19, 2011- Bloomberg: Secret Donors Multiply in U.S. Election Spending

May 19, 2011- NYT: Mine Owner’s Negligence Led to Blast, Study Finds

May 18, 2011- Computerworld: "Face" of Anonymous quits -- exclusive interview with Barrett Brown

May 16, 2011- Minneapolis Star Tribune: Appeals court sides with federal judge, allows Minnesota campaign law to stand

May 12, 2011- NYT: I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics 

May 12, 2011- Facing South: Will IRS crack down on secret political donors who aren't paying taxes?

May 11, 2011- The Guardian: Anonymous: peering behind the mask

May 10, 2011- Washington Post: Nikki Haley wants ‘Battle for Boeing’ to be 2012 issue

May 10, 2011- Press Release: Urges FBI to Launch Criminal Investigation Into Chamber of Commerce Watergate-like Campaign

May 9, 2011- AlterNet: US Chamber Freaks Out Over Modest Obama Proposal That Would Require Gov't Contractors To Disclose Campaign Spending

May 8, 2011- LA Times: Families of dead miners feel let down by Washington

May 8, 2011- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: State's laws offer little shale drilling protection to archaeological sites

May 4, 2011- Right Wing Watch: Religious Right Groups And Chamber of Commerce Fail To Block District Court Nominee

April 30, 2011- NYT: Op-Ed: Some Sunshine for the Campaign Jungle

April 29, 2011- Huffington Post: Exxon Mobil Profits Skyrocket In 1Q, Earnings Up 38%

April 29, 2011- The Motley Fool: Shedding Light on Hidden Agendas 

April 26, 2011- RAW Story: Embracing ‘Citizens United,’ Dems to welcome undisclosed donors

April 26, 2011- NYT: Lobbyist Fires Warning Shot Over Donation Disclosure Plan

April 26, 2011- Washington Post: American chamber says China’s focus on local industry is hurting U.S. businesses

April 24, 2011- Truthdig: The Corporate State Wins Again

April 24, 2011- NYT: Stimulus by Fed Is Disappointing, Economists Say

April 23, 2011- Politcus USA: Undocumented Workers Pay More Taxes than Major U.S. Corporations

April 23, 2011- Truthout: Pay Up Now, Corporations: We're Organized, Aware of Your Tax Havens and Ready to Boycott

April 22, 2011- Truthout: Dissent Continues One Year After BP Disaster

April 21, 2011- Huffington Post: Obama's Executive Order Pits Him, Yet Again, Against Chamber Of Commerce

April 21, 2011- Huffington Post: FEC Sued By Chris Van Hollen Over Huge Disclosure Loophole

April 20, 2011- NY Daily News: Study estimates that illegal immigrants paid $11.2B in taxes last year, unlike GE, which paid zero

April 20, 2011- Mother Jones: "BP Hasn't Made People Whole"

April 20, 2011- Think Progress: A Year After Spill, BP Gives Big Bucks To GOP Leadership

April 20, 2011- Truthout: Researchers Say Oil Dispersants Still an Issue in the Gulf

April 20, 2011- Truthout: A Morally Untenable Corporate System

April 20, 2011- Truthout: BP Still Being Awarded Lucrative Government Contracts

April 20, 2011- RAW Story: Big Pharma set to take over medical marijuana market

April 20, 2011- Footnoted: Blaming the regulators at Massey Energy…

April 19, 2011- Mother Jones: 10 Reasons to Still Be Pissed Off About the BP Disaster

April 19, 2011- WarIsACrime.Org: BP Is Messing With the Wrong Woman

April 19, 2011- Think Progress: Top "US" Corporations Outsourced More Than 2.4 Million American Jobs Over the Last Decade

April 19, 2011- Truthout: BP's Secret Deepwater Blowout

April 19, 2011- ARS Technica: HBGary's open letter: full of denials that don't hold water

April 18, 2011- NYT: Many Hit by Spill Now Feel Caught in Claim Process

April 18, 2011- TruthDig: Throw Out the Money Changers

April 16, 2011- Think Progress: Progressive Lawmakers Warn A "Significant Portion" Of Gas Prices Is Due To Speculation, Call For Crack Down    

April 15, 2011- The Guardian: Emails expose BP's attempts to control research into impact of Gulf oil spill

April 15, 2011- Reuters: A year on, Gulf still grapples with BP oil spill

April 14, 2011- Buzzflash: ExxonMobil is Number Two in Avoiding Taxes. Maybe Next Year It Will Surpass GE and be the Number One Corporate Deadbeat.

April 14, 2011- Democracy Now: Gulf Coast Fisherwoman "Disrupts the Peace" at BP Shareholder Meeting

April 14, 2011- Think Progress: Key Senator Calls For Criminal Investigation Into Goldman Sachs' 'Shitty Deals'

April 13, 2011- Willamette Week: 9 Things The Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes 

April 13, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Senate panel slams Goldman in scathing crisis report

April 13, 2011- Bloomberg: Goldman Traders Tried to Manipulate Derivatives Market in '07, Report Says

April 13, 2011- Bloomberg: GE Tax Hoax Claimed by Activists Seeking $3.2 Billion Refund 'Re-Gifting'

April 13, 2011- USA Today: Our view: Tax evaders benefit from spending plan

April 13, 2011- Truthout: Two Unreasonable Women

April 12, 2011- Facing South: A year later, BP's oil is still damaging the Gulf Coast

April 12, 2011- Rolling Stone: The Real Housewives of Wall Street

April 12, 2011- Business Insider: 25 Facts That Show The U.S. Health Care Industry Is One Giant Money Making Scam

April 12, 2011- AFL-CIO Blog: Ohio’s Kasich Wants to Outsource Any Job Anytime—And Winner Pays No Taxes 

April 12, 2011- Alternet: "I Pay, You Pay, Why Doesn't B of A?": Are We Seeing the Birth of a Totally New Protest Movement?

April 11, 2011- NYT: Guilty Plea in Offshore Tax Evasion Case

April 11, 2011- The Hill: New coalition challenging corporate secrecy

April 11, 2011- Think Progress: New ChamberLeaks Presentation Emerges, Details More Plans To Sabotage Liberals

April 10, 2011- LA Times: Ikea's U.S. factory churns out unhappy workers

April 10, 2011- Buzzflash: Milton Friedman's Legacy: The Suppression of Individual Freedom by Corporate Governance

April 9, 2011- Truthout: House Passes Anti-Net Neutrality Resolution

April 9, 2011- Think Progress: GOP Rep. Posey Mocks Critics Of Big Oil: 'Quit Trying To Play Pin The Tail On The Donkey!'

April 8, 2011- The Tech Herald: Representative Johnson refuses to sweep Team Themis under the rug

April 7, 2011- Rolling Stone: Tax Cuts for the Rich on the Backs of the Middle Class; or, Paul Ryan Has Balls

April 7, 2011- AlterNet: We Don't Need to Shut Down the Government: Tax the Wealthy and Deadbeat Corporations to Close Budget Gaps

April 7, 2011- Consortium News: Rep. Ryan's Free-Market 'Death Panels' 

April 6, 2011- Citizen Vox: Public financing of elections: an idea whose time has come

April 6, 2011- Think Progress: Big Bank Lobbyists Back House GOP Effort To Kneecap Consumer Protection Bureau's Independence   

April 6, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Paul Ryan's Absurdly Optimistic Budget Projections Draw Widespread Ridicule 

April 5, 2011- TruthDig: The Peasants Need Pitchforks

April 5, 2011- AlterNet: Alan Greenspan Is Once Again Banging the Drum for Deregulation -- Is he Just Crazy?

April 5, 2011- AlterNet: 10 of the Biggest Corporate Tax Cheats In America

April 5, 2011- Crooks & Liars: UKUncut Smeared As 'Violent Hooligans' Precisely Because They're Not - And That's A Threat

April 5, 2011- The Nation: The Roots of the Côte d'Ivoire Crisis 

April 5, 2011- Truthout: Are American Workers Just Getting What They Deserve?

April 5, 2011- Think Progress: As Taxpayers Pad Big Oil’s Soaring Profits, Landry Praises Excessive CEO Compensation As 'The American Dream'

April 4, 2011- AlterNet: We’re Not Broke: Congress -Here’s $400 Billion In New Annual Revenue

April 4, 2011- Buzzflash: CEO Pay Soars While Workers' Pay Stalls: Headed Toward the Rich and the Servant (Labor) Class

April 4, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Ken Salazar Denies BP In Talks To Resume Drilling In The Gulf

April 3, 2011- The Guardian: How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs

April 3, 2011- Think Progress: Paul Ryan Dodges Fox News’ Questions About Whether He’ll Eliminate Tax Breaks For Oil Companies

April 3, 2011- RAW Story: Top Republican refuses to say if new GOP budget will end corporate welfare

April 3, 2011- NYT: A Wiki Takes Aim at Obama

April 2, 2011- RAW Story: Transocean hails ‘best year’ in safety, gives execs bonuses, despite Gulf spill

April 2, 2011- Crooks & Liars: Transocean Awards Big Bonuses, Citing "Safety Record". WTF?

April 2, 2011- Buzzflash: The Legalized Theft of Tax Payer Dollars by General Electric

April 2, 2011- Wall St. Journal: Transocean Cites Safety in Bonuses

April 2, 2011- USA Today: CEO pay soars while workers' pay stalls

April 1, 2011- Bloomberg: Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak

April 1, 2011- The Nation: Tax Havens: Bigger Than You Think, Closer to Home Than You Imagine

April 1, 2011- Think Progress: Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers Make As Much As 440,000 Middle-Class Americans, But Still Get Tax Loophole   

April 1, 2011- Think Progress: In 2010, CEO Pay Went Up 27% While Worker Pay Went Up 2%

April 1, 2011- Truthout: The Truth About the Economy That Nobody in Washington or on Wall Street Will Admit

April 1, 2011- Truthout: Wal-Mart's Washington Shock Doctrine

March 31, 2011- Huffington Post: Corporations Are Draining America's Vitality 

March 31, 2011- The Nation: Time for Fair Share Politics

March 31, 2011- Think Progress: Jamie Dimon Endorses Dodd-Frank

March 31, 2011- Mother Jones: Wall Street and the Public

March 31, 2011- Buzzflash: What Are We Doing Subsidizing Corporations Through Tax Giveaways?

March 30, 2011- Alternet: An Open Letter to CBS' 60 Minutes Following Its Pitch for More Corporate Handouts

March 30, 2011- AlterNet: How to Take on Wall Street and Win

March 30, 2011- Bloomberg: BP, Spill Partners Harmed Oil Cleanup Crews, Lawyers Say

March 30, 2011- Politico: Elizabeth Warren to keynote Wall Street reform summit

March 30, 2011- The Nation: Justice for Betty Dukes and the Women of Wal-Mart?

March 30, 2011- Mother Jones: The GOP's Pathetic Attack on Elizabeth Warren

March 30, 2011- NYT: Banks Will Use Fed Funds to Repay Fed Bailout

March 29, 2011- AlterNet: Wall St. Stands at the Pinnacle of 5,000 Years of Human Exploitation

March 29, 2011- Center for American Progress: Race and Beyond: The People v. Wal-Mart

March 28, 2011- Center for Economic and Policy Research: Robert Samuelson's Troubled TARP Arithmetic

March 28, 2011- New Deal 2.0: Wal-Mart v. Dukes and the Matter of Size

March 28, 2011- AlterNet: The GOP's Absurd Plan for the Economy: Lowering YOUR Wages

March 28, 2011- Think Progress: Financial Industry Fights New Regulations To Protect Skyrocketing Profits    

March 28, 2011- Truthout: Mainstream Coverage of WikiLeaks Has Fallen Far Short

March 28, 2011- RAW Story: Japanese corporations agree to forgo tax cuts, for good of their country

March 27, 2011- McClatchy: Strong corporate profits amid weak economy - What's up with that?

March 26, 2011- Wall St. Journal: Borders Seeks To Hand Out $8.3 Million In Bonuses

March 26, 2011- Chicago Tribune: Pension funds to lead suit vs. Goldman over Abacus

March 25, 2011- Naked Capitalism: Leader in Tax Evasion, Pays Virtually No Tax Yet Got Bailed Out in Crisis

March 25, 2011- NYT: No Mortgage Lenders in Jail, but a Borrower Lands There

March 25, 2011- Fortune: Unpaid jobs: The new normal? 

March 25, 2011- Center for American Progress: The Consequences of Conservatism 

March 25, 2011- Charlotte Observer: No federal tax expense for Bank of America

March 25, 2011- Pro Publica: As Mideast Lashes Out Against Corruption, Chamber of Commerce Lobbies to Weaken Anti-Corruption Law

March 25, 2011- Think Progress: Sen. Johnson's Reaction To General Electric Paying No Taxes: Cut The Corporate Tax Rate

March 25, 2011- Think Progress: Despite Paying No Income Taxes, GE CEO Lauded His Company’s Patriotism In 2009 West Point Speech

March 24, 2011- AlterNet: Stop Corporate Tax Cheats! U.S. Uncut Movement Goes Global

March 24, 2011- Truthout: AT&T Deal Raises Questions About Economy, Net Neutrality

March 24, 2011- Washington Post: Justice Department, SEC cracking down on U.S. companies engaging in bribery abroad

March 24, 2011- NYT: G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether

March 24, 2011- Wall St. Journal: Fannie Report Warned of Foreclosure Problems in 2006 

March 24, 2011- Reuters: Fannie report warned of foreclosure problems: report

March 24, 2011- SC Magazine: HBGary faces Congressional probe

March 24, 2011- Think Progress: Richard Clarke Says U.S. Chamber May Have Committed A Felony With Hacking Plot

March 24, 2011- Think Progress: Corporations Behind "WinAmerica" Tax Holiday Campaign Already Pay Extremely Low Taxes   

March 23, 2011- New America Media: Why the Wal-Mart Case Is So Important to Women, Minorities

March 23, 2011- The Nation: How Wall Street Crooks Get Out of Jail Free 

March 23, 2011- D Magazine: Barrett Brown is Anonymous

March 23, 2011- Forbes: Congressman Probing HBGary Scandal Fears ‘Domestic Surveillance’

March 22, 2011- Common Dreams: Reliably, Irredeemably Wrong: The US Chamber of Commerce

March 22, 2011- Computer World: HBGary's Hoglund sheds light on Anonymous

March 22, 2011- Reuters: Wal-Mart to argue sex-bias case in U.S. top court

March 21, 20111- AlterNet: How You End Up Bankrolling Fox News: News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch Weasel Out of Paying Taxes

March 21, 2011- Think Progress: Corporations Push To Revive Tax Break That Incentivizes Them To Stash More Money Overseas 

March 21, 2011- Pro Publica: Backgrounder: Behind the Battle Over Hidden Debit Card Fees

March 21, 2011- Buzzflash: The Big Banks Run the Show 

March 20, 2011- NYT: Op-Ed: The War on Elizabeth Warren

March 20, 2011- Buzzflash: Do the Top Forbes 20 US Companies Own White House Policy?

March 19, 2011- Think Progress: ChamberLeaks: Military Contractors Palantir And Berico Under Scrutiny

March 19, 2011- NoLa.Com: Possible oil sheen under investigation in Gulf of Mexico could be large

March 18, 2011- NYT: An Advocate Who Scares Republicans

March 18, 2011- Buzzflash: A Tale of Two Americas: One America Lives on Greed; The Other America Barely Survives to Live

March 18, 2011- 24/7 Wall St: A New Oil Industry Safety Group Controlled By The Oil Industry

March 18, 2011- CREW: Stopping the Inside Game

March 18, 2011- The Nation: US Uncut Adds Verizon and FedEx to its Target List 

March 18, 2011- Think Progress: Who Is Bankrolling A Lawsuit To End The Ban On Foreign Money In U.S. Elections?  

March 17, 2011- Yes! Magazine: Tackling Corporate Power, One Town at a Time

March 17, 2011- Newsweek: The World's Strangest Financial Instrument

March 17, 2011- The Guardian: Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

March 17, 2011- Crooks & Liars: Anonymous Leaks Indicate Widespread Insurance Fraud -- And Show How Banks Made More Money Dragging Out Foreclosures

March 17, 2011- ARS Technica: Congress asks to review DoD and NSA contracts with HBGary

March 17, 2011- Forbes: Congress Opens Investigation Into HBGary Scandal

March 17, 2011- RAW Story: ‘Anonymous’ puts central banks on notice, demands Bernanke resign

March 17, 2011- Al-Jazeera: Prescribed pain by corporate America 

March 17, 2011- Huffington Post: U.S. Military Launches Spy Operation Using Fake Online Identities

March 17, 2011- Thinq: Anonymous: US army of fakes tracks Facebook users

March 16, 2011- The Nation: Remembering the Triangle Fire 

March 16, 2011- Pro Publica: In Proposed Mortgage Fraud Settlement, a Gift to Big Banks

March 16, 2011- Politico: GOP begins rollback of Wall St. reform

March 16, 2011- Forbes: Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?

March 16, 2011- Forbes: Anonymous To Release Documents Showing ‘Virtual Armies’ Used To Identify Dissidents

March 15, 2011- Economic Policy Institute: The sad but true story of wages in America 

March 15, 2011- Bloomberg: FDIC Seeks Comment on Seeking Pay Clawbacks in Resolutions

March 14, 2011- Think Progress: Wall Street Front Group President Sneers At Protesters, Says Public Servants Are Paid Too Much   

March 14, 2011- Forbes: Attorney Consulted HB Gary About Spiking Defamatory Content “By Any Means Necessary

March 14, 2011- St.Louis American: St. Louisans protest U.S. Chambers of Commerce visit 

March 14, 2011- SF Chronicle: Profit Margins at 18-Year High Signal Bigger Dividends 

March 14, 2011- The Nation: Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?

March 14, 2011- Forbes: Is Anonymous The New WikiLeaks?

March 14, 2011- Huffington Post: Bank Of America Anonymous Leak Alleges 'Corruption And Fraud'

March 14, 2011- The Guardian: Anonymous hackers release Bank of America emails

March 14, 2011- Business Insider: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce President Mocks Protestors: "Do They Even Know What A Derivative Is?"

March 14, 2011- Business Insider: Hackers Just Released What They Say Is A Damning Trove Of Emails About Bank Of America And Its Mortgage Practice

March 13, 2011- NYT: Op-Ed: Another Inside Job

March 13, 2011- My Bank Tracker: Activist Group Threatens Bank of America with Wikileaks Documents that Proves Fraud

March 12, 2011- Reuters: Lehman probe stalls; execs may escape charges: report

Macrh 12, 2011- NY Daily News: Despite objections from the manufacturing industry, government launches consumer products website

March 11, 2011- US Uncut Press Release: US Uncut crashes Bank of America investor meeting

March 11, 2011- Business Insider: Are Anonymous Hackers About To Expose Something Awful About Bank Of America On Monday?

March 11, 2011- PBS Need To Know: Income inequality in America: An illustrated interview  

March 11, 2011- Common Dreams: Koch Brothers and US Chamber: Polluting Our Earth and Our Democracies

March 10, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Wisconsin GOPers To Huddle With Corporate Lobbyists In DC After Worker Rights Vote

March 10, 2011- Buzzflash: Sanders Introduces Millionaires' Surtax Bill

March 10, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Barton: Govt Subsidies Necessary To Keep Exxon From Going Out Of Business

March 9, 2011- InfoSec Island: HBGary Federal Emails Reveal More Unreported Attacks

March 9, 2011- Citizen Vox: The cuts Wall Street wants

March 9, 2011- Buzzflash: Are Right-Wingers Simply Stuck in Adolescence?

March 8, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Our policies are being written by transnationals 

March 8, 2011- CNN: Generations pay off debts through slavery

March 8, 2011- Digital Journal: Op-Ed: DoJ connection to Chamber's Wikileaks plot deserves a closer look

March 8, 2011- Reuters: Bill Gates's philanthropy costs him richest-man title

March 7, 2011- Michael Moore.Com: The Forbes 400 vs. Everybody Else

March 7, 2011- Remapping Debate: Unintended consequences: Chamber report shows that “good” for business may be bad for people

March 7, 2011- Reuters: US Supreme Court won't review drug patent deal

March 7, 2011- Boston Globe: Promised relief, many instead deeper in debt

March 7, 2011- Truthout: Activists Hold Wall Street Accountable for Economic Crisis

March 7, 2011- Daily Kos: The HBGary Trolling FINALLY Makes The Washington Post!

March 6, 2011- National Journal: Chamber of Secrets

March 6, 2011- Pacific Free Press: WikiLeaks' Threat and Other Tales from the Dark Side 

March 4, 2011- Crowded Leaks: Aaron Barr: Pervert or Vigilante?

March 4, 2011- Washington Post: Hacked e-mails show Web is an increasingly useful tool in dirty-tricks campaigns

March 3, 2011- Government Security News: HBGary leak prompts probe call from Congressmen

March 3, 2011- NY Daily News: Anonymous hackers declare war on corporate execs, military officials who target WikiLeaks

March 3, 2011- The Tech Herald: Themis: Questions about Palantir surface in HBGary Federal’s aftermath

March 3, 2011- The Tech Herald: Themis: House Democrats call for hearings over Chamber plot

March 2, 2011- Salon: The Chamber of Commerce's war against the blue states

March 2, 2011- Think Progress: Asked If Bank of America Paying Nothing in Corporate Taxes Is Fair, Pawlenty Responds: Taxes Are "Too High"

March 2, 2011- PC World: Cyber Vigilantes: Should We Cheer or Fear Them?

March 2, 2011- Washington Post: Spy bloggers not ‘friending’ U.S. targets, Centcom says

March 1, 2011- Inter Press Service: Lawsuit Filed Against BP Compensation Czar

March 1, 2011- Huffington Post: Colbert: 'Clearly, Anonymous Hacked My Show'

March 1, 2011- Op-Ed News: As the Race to the Bottom Picks Up Speed, Are Americans Finally Fed-Up?

March 1, 2011- ARS Technica: Dems push for Congressional investigation of HBGary Federal

March 1, 2011- Public Citizen: U.S. Supreme Court Victory: Decision Rejects Theory That Corporations Have ‘Personal Privacy’ Rights Under FOIA

March 1, 2011- The Brad Blog: House Dems Call for Probe Into U.S. Chamber of Commerce Plot to Discredit Perceived Enemies

March 1, 2011- Salon: Democrats call for probe of top D.C. law firm

March 1, 2011- Sacramento Bee: Cybersecurity CEO resigns after plot allegations

February 28, 2011- The Brad Blog: Colbert Interviews Greenwald on the Revealed Plot to Turn 'Terror Tools' Against U.S. Citizens, Journalists and Progressive Organizations

February 28, 2011- The Progressive: Wisconsin protests of historic importance

February 28, 2011-  Washington Post: Massey official charged with lying to FBI in mine investigation

February 28, 2011- Buzzflash: The Ten Reasons the Banksters Get Away With It

February 28, 2011- Buzzflash: George Lakoff: Democracy as We Know It is at Stake in the Wisconsin Protests. How Long Can We Afford to Subsidize the Rich?

February 28, 2011- Truthout: Right to Work: Representation Without Taxation

February 28, 2011- Truthout: US Uncut's Anti-Austerity Protests Hit Bank of America

February 28, 2011- Washington Post- Democrats call for an investigation of law firm, 3 tech companies

February 28, 2011- ThreatPost: HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr Steps Down

February 28, 2011- EmptyWheel: HB Gary CEO Aaron Barr Resigns

February 28, 2011- Legal Schnauzer: Will Bar Complaint Take The Bite Out Of U.S. Chamber's Attack Dogs? 

February 28, 2011- Washington Post: Legal briefs: Accusations fly over U.S. Chamber of Commerce tactics

February 26, 2011- Think Progress: You Have More Money in Your Wallet Than Bank of America Pays in Federal Taxes

February 25, 2011- Above The Law: Hunton & Williams Gets Colbert Report’ed 

February 25, 2011- Forbes: Law Firm That Worked With HBGary Hit With Bar Complaint

February 24, 2011- AlterNet: Corporate-Funded Online 'Astroturfing' Is More Advanced and More Automated Than You Might Think

February 24, 2011- Legal Times: Complaint Accuses Hunton & Williams of Dirty Tricks

February 22, 2011- Tuscon Citizen: Koch Brothers and Wall Street buy governors, as well as Supreme Court Justices 

February 22, 2011- Truthout: Money Pollution: The US Chamber of Commerce Darkens the Skies

February 22, 2011- US Chamber Watch: Chamber Gate 2011: What the Chamber Knew

February 22, 2011- AlterNet: "US Uncut" Calls Out Corporate Tax Deadbeats

February 22, 2011- Legal Times: E-Mails Show Hunton & Williams, Subcontractors Clashed Over Money

February 20, 2011- Truthout: We're All Mad Here

February 19, 2011- The Guardian: The real reason for public finance crisis

February 18, 2011- PC World: Your New Facebook Friend Might Be A Spy

February 18, 2011- ARS Technica: Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government

February 18, 2011- Politico: GOP tries to slash Wall Street law

February 18, 2011- The Brad Blog: U.S. Chamber Plot Update: Malware, Fake Personas, Government Contracts, Public Shame, Bar Complaints, Media Failures and Other Updates

February 18, 2011- Truthout: BP Faces Fines of Up to $10 Billion, Plus Jail Time for Guilty Officials 

February 18, 2011- RAW Story: Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people

February 18, 2011- BoingBoing: HBGary's high-volume astrotufing technology and the Feds who requested it

February 18, 2011- Examiner.Com: US Gov. Software Creates 'Fake People' on Social Networks to Promote Propoganda

February 17, 2011- Law.Com: Hacked Hunton & Williams Envisions 'Huge Gains' Targeting Wikileaks

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February 17, 2011- EmptyWheel: Hunton & Williams Left Fingerprints at SEIU

February 17, 2011- Huffington Post: Spy vs. Spy As Hackers Square Off Over DC Dirty Tricks

February 17, 2011- Think Progress: ChamberLeaks: Plan Solicited by Chamber Lawyers Included malware Hacking of Activist Computers  

February 17, 2011- SEIU Press Release: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Law Firm Linked to "Dirty Tricks"

February 17, 2011- Salon: Targets of Chamber of Commerce fight back

February 17, 2011- The Register: Anonymous security firm hack used every trick in book

February 16, 2011- Think Progress: ChamberLeaks Timeline

February 16, 2011- Wired: The Yes-Men enjoying the discomfiture of the US Chamber of Commerce

February 16, 2011- EmptyWheel: Themis Applies JSOC Techniques to Citizens “Extorting” from Corporate Clients

February 16, 2011- Network World: Anonymous no more: HBGary goes down

February 16, 2011- Network World: Stolen HBGary e-mails indicate it was planning a "new breed of rootkit"

February 16, 2011- Fierce CIO: What the hacking of HBGary means for you

February 16, 2011- Rolling Stone: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

February 16, 2011- NPR: E-Mails Hacked By 'Anonymous' Raise Concerns

February 16, 2011- Washington Post: Bernard Madoff to NY newspaper: Banks 'complicit' in fraud

February 16, 2011- LA Times: HBGary executive seeks to distance firm from affiliate involved in private spying scandal 

February 16, 2011- PC World: Hacked and Now Vandalized, HBGary Pulls out of RSA

February 16, 2011- Salon: Firm in WikiLeaks plot has deep ties to Feds

February 15, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Thousands Protest Wisconsin Governor's Plan To Roll Back Union Rights

February 15, 2011- Salon: The powerful law firm at the center of the WikiLeaks plot

February 15, 2011- AM Law Daily: Hunton & Williams Linked to Hacked E-Mail Affair

February 15, 2011- BuzzFlash: The Chamber of Commerce's Cesspool of Character Assassination: It's UnAmerican

February 15, 2011- Forbes: HBGary Execs Run For Cover As Hacking Scandal Escalates

February 15, 2011- Washington Post: Hacked e-mails reveal plans for dirty-tricks campaign against U.S. Chamber foes

February 15, 2011- FireDogLake: Traditional Media Takes Notice of ChamberLeaks Scandal

February 14, 2011- ThreatPost: HBGary Emails A Sweet Valentine For Social Engineers

February 14, 2011- Salon: New information emerges on anti-WikiLeaks plot

February 14, 2011- EmptyWheel: The HBGary Scandal: Using Counterterrorism Tactics on Citizen Activism

February 14, 2011-  The Brad Blog: Late Updates on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Plot to Target, Discredit, Defraud Political Enemies

February 14, 2011- Politico: Bad idea to rein in regulators

February 14, 2011- Think Progress: Chamberleaks: Pro-Chamber Conspiracy Illicitly Scraped Facebook

February 14, 2011- Think Progress: Chamberleaks: The Chamber's Anti-Union Lawyers Solicited 'Abhorrent' Privacy Invasions

February 14, 2011- Think Progress: Despite Denials, New Email Confirms US Chamber Had Spoken ‘Directly’ With Private Security Firms' Espionage Work

February 14, 2011- Forbes: HBGary CEO Also Suggested Tracking, Intimidating WikiLeaks’ Donors

February 14, 2011- Forbes: Revenge Still Sweet As Anonymous Posts 27,000 More HBGary E-Mails

February 14, 2011- The Brad Blog: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Thugs Used 'Terror Tools' for Disinfo Scheme Targeting Me, My Family, Other Progressive U.S. Citizens, Groups

February 13, 2011- The Nation: A 'Dictator' Governor Sets Out to Cut Wages, Slash Benefits and Destroy Public Unions

February 13, 2011- Daily Kos: HBGary: Don't let this story die, it's big.

February 12, 2011- EmptyWheel: From the ChamberPot: Number Two

February 12, 2011- LA Progressive: Class Warfare and the Ballot Box

February 11, 2011- Switched: How Aaron Barr Infiltrated Anonymous, and Why He Decided to Do It 

February 11, 2011- Firedoglake: Brad Friedman on ChamberLeaks: “We’re fighting against how our own tax dollars are being spent against us.”

February 11, 2011- Mother Jones: ChamberLeaks: What Did The Chamber Know?

February 11, 2011- Mother Jones: Hacked Emails Detail Plan to Entrap, Discredit Opponents of US Chamber

February 11, 2011- RAW Story: US Chamber lobbyists map strategies to discredit progressive critics

February 11, 2011- Crooks And Liars: ThinkProgress, SEIU and Others Targeted by US Chamber of Commerce for Smears

February 11, 2011- USA Today: U.S. Chamber joins BofA in denying ties to disinformation campaigns

February 11, 2011- USA Today: BofA denies connection to proactive tactics to silence WikiLeaks 

February 11, 2011- TechDirt: Play By Play Of How HBGary Federal Tried To Expose Anonymous... And Got Hacked Instead

February 11, 2011- NYT: Hackers Reveal Offers to Spy on Corporate Rivals

February 11, 2011- Forbes: Palantir Apologizes For WikiLeaks Attack Proposal, Cuts Ties With HBGary

February 11, 2011- Salon: A disturbing threat against one of our own

February 11, 2011- FireDogLake: Brad Friedman on ChamberLeaks: “We’re fighting against how our own tax dollars are being spent against us.”

February 11, 2011- EmptyWheel: HBGary Fees: “Dam It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta”

February 11, 2011- CitizenVox: Small Businesses Agree: Regulations Are needed

February 11, 2011- Media Matters: Will Media Follow Up On Report That U.S. Chamber Is Behind Dirty Tricks Campaign?

February 11, 2011- Think Progress: ChamberLeaks Primer: How The US Chamber Plotted To Smear Unions And Undermine Political Opponents 

February 11, 2011- Think Progress: Executive Who Worked On ChamberLeaks Project Previously Complained About Personal Privacy Invasion 

February 11, 2011- Salon: The leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters

February 11, 2011- Forbes: Anonymous Ready To Dump More HBGary E-mails, Launch AnonLeaks

February 10, 2011- Salon: Wal-Mart continues march toward urban domination

February 10, 2011- Wired: How One Man Tracked Down Anonymous — And Paid a Heavy Price

February 10, 2011- Think Progress: CHAMBERLEAKS: US Chamber’s Lobbyists Solicited Firm To Investigate Opponents’ Families, Children 

February 10, 2011- Think Progress: EXCLUSIVE: US Chamber’s Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber’s Political Opponents 

February 10, 2011- EmptyWheel: Palantir Tries to Preserve Their Government Contracts

February 10, 2011- EmptyWheel: From the ChamberPot: A Carefully Worded Nondenial Denial

February 10, 2011- EmptyWheel: Hacked Documents Show Chamber Paid HBGary to Spy on Unions

February 10, 2011- The Brad Blog: Hacked Emails Show U.S. Chamber of Commerce Targeted VelvetRevolution.US, Other Progressive Groups With Massive Disinfo Campaign

February 9, 2011- Campaign for America's Future: Discover The Network Out To Crush Our Public Workers

February 9, 2011- Truthout: Obama Walks in the Wrong Direction

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January 28, 2011- Huffington Post: Massey Rejects MSHA Findings On West Virginia Mine Explosion 

January 27, 2011- Think Progress: How The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce’s Egyptian Affiliate Went To Bat For The Egyptian Dictatorship 

January 21, 2011- Open Secrets: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Once Again Biggest Spender on Lobbying Activities

January 11, 2011- Huffington Post: Chamber President Backs Health Care Repeal Vote

December 30, 2010- Campaign for America's Future: Conservatives Claim Unions Caused NY Snow Jam

December 19, 2010- The Energy Collective: Washington Lobbyists and Prophets of Doom

December 18, 2010- NYT: Justices Offer Receptive Ear to Business Interests

December 17, 2010- Think Progress: 'US' Chamber of Commerce Lobbied to Help GOP Kill Bill to Provide Health Care to 9/11 First Reponders

December 14, 2010- Huffington Post: Mine Safety Bill's Defeat: How Industry And Inattention Killed Overhaul Prompted By Tragedy 

December 13, 2010- Think Progress: Newly-Elected Senator Ron Johnson Travels To The Chamber To Pay Homage For Helping Him Win

December 3, 2010- Huffington Post: Don Blankenship Announces Retirement 

December 1, 20410- Center for Public Integrity: Chamber Seeks Cash From Insurers, Financial Firms For New Effort

November 29, 2010- Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce's Lobbying To Extend Bush Tax Cuts Would Reap Millions For Wealthy Backers 

November 23, 2010- MSNBC: W. Va. mine blast: Coal firm had worst safety record

November 17, 2010- Bloomberg: Insurers Gave U.S. Chamber $86 Million Used to Oppose Obama's Health Law

November 15, 2010- LA Times: Chamber to unveil pro-business lobbying effort

November 9, 2010- Reuters: The force-placed insurance scandal

November 5, 2010- Think Progress: Shareholders Demand To Know If The Chamber of Commerce Is Using Their Money To Buy Elections

November 4, 2010- Huffington Post: Chamber's War On Obama Just Getting Started 

November 3, 2010- Think Progress: Money Well Spent: 64 Percent of Races Chamber Helped Won; At Least 21 Incumbent Democrats Defeated 

November 3, 2010- Huffington Post: Feds Sue To Close Massey's Freedom Energy Mine No. 1 In Kentucky

November 2, 2010- RAW Story: Exclusive: Business groups poised to turn judges into ‘politicians in robes’

October 29, 2010- Think Progress: 275 Investors Demand U.S. Chamber Disclose Funds And Stop ‘Punitive Campaign’ Against Health Care Law 

October 27, 2010- Wall St. Journal: US Chamber Of Commerce Presses For Changes To FCPA

October 24, 2010- The Guardian: Tea Party climate change deniers funded by BP and other major polluters

October 24, 2010- RAW Story: US Chamber of Commerce ‘entering the news business’: report

October 23, 2010- Think Progress: ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Is Fueled By Foreign Oil 

October 22, 2010- Charleston Gazette: GOP's Maynard reaps Massey cash for House bid

October 21, 2010- Science Blogs: Chamber of Commerce's misinformation campaign about worker safety regulations

October 21, 2010- Washington Post: Chamber of Commerce's junk lawsuit clogs up the courts

October 21, 2010- NYT: Top companies donate big to Chamber in policy fights 

October 20, 2010- Bloomberg: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Spent $37 Million on Lobbying in Third Quarter

October 19, 2010- Huffington Post: Henry Waxman Hits The Chamber Of Commerce On Funding Question In Speech At Chamber Headquarters 

October 19, 2010- RAW Story: US Chamber of Commerce lobbyist moderated panel on outsourcing American jobs: report

October 18, 2010- Salon: Anonymous cowards are buying the 2010 election

October 18, 2010- Huffington Post: Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber: Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger' To U.S. Democracy 

October 17, 2010- NYT Editorial: Stealth Money

October 17, 2010- Think Progress: New Hampshire Chamber Leaves U.S. Chamber, Says It Can’t Find ‘One Positive Thing To Say’ 

October 15, 2010- SF Chronicle: U.S. Chamber about to drop another $1.25 million in TV ads against Barbara Boxer?

October 14, 2010- Think Progress: Chamber’s Latest Lie: Our Foreign Fundraising Program Isn’t Part Of The Chamber

October 13, 2010- LA Times: The political chamber

October 12, 2010- Media Matters: Chamber "speak[s] through Fox News" -- its donor's subsidiary -- to respond to administration

October 11, 2010- The Hill: Biden jabs at Karl Rove on campaign spending

October 10, 2011- Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce Still Suing Yes Men Over Last Year's Prank 

October 10, 2010- The Hill: Axelrod: Chamber must prove foreign money allegations false

October 9, 2010- Think Progress: How The Chamber Gets Its Foreign Money 

October 9, 2010- DownWithTyranny: China Makes Its Big Move Into U.S. Politics Through The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

October 8, 2010- Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce Airs Democrat's Home Phone Number In Attack Ad 

October 7, 2010- Think Progress: Referencing TP Report, Obama Warns ‘Groups That Receive Foreign Money’ Are A ‘Threat To Our Democracy’ 

October 7, 2010- Reuters: U.S. Chamber pledges to take Obama policies to court

October 6, 2010- Huffington Post: Chamber Of Commerce Thrust Into Political Firestorm 

October 5, 2010- Talking Points Memo: Report: Chamber Raises Hundreds Of Thousands From Foreign Companies

October 4, 2010- Salon: Never believe a political ad

October 4, 2010- RAW Story: Chamber of Commerce ‘takes both sides’ on economic stimulus

October 2, 2010- NYT: The Secret Sponsors

October 1, 2010- NYT: News Corp. Donates $1 Million to U.S. Chamber of Commerce

September 30, 2010- Politico: News Corp. gave $1 million to pro-GOP group

September 27, 2010- FireDogLake: US Chamber Spends for GOP– and Chamber Members Drop Out in Protest

September 27, 2010- CNN Money: Democrats' tax bill targets outsourced jobs

September 27, 2010- Docudharma: Ed and Bernie take on the 'Chamber of Outsourcing'

September 24, 2010- Columbus Dispatch: AEP drops out of Ohio Chamber over statewide candidate endorsements

September 17, 2010- Huffington Post: Save American Democracy, or What's Left of It 

September 5, 2010- LA Times: Resignations follow California Chamber of Commerce's endorsement of Whitman

September 3, 2010- PBS Need To Know: As election season begins, spending on campaigns breaks records 

September 1, 2010- Common Dreams: Overworked and Underpaid? Productivity Increases, But Wage Growth Declines

August 25, 2010- Washington Post: Citizens United aftershocks

August 18, 2010- Washington Monthly: The Chamber of Commerce and the Pay Gap

August 17, 2010- Talking Points Memo: Sandra Day O'Connor's New Judgment: Judicial Campaign Reform Is Necessary

August 16, 2010- The Nation: Citizens Unite Against 'Citizens United' 

August 16, 2010- Washington Post: Special-interest spending surges in state Supreme Court campaigns

August 15, 2010- RAW Story: GOP strategist: RNC Chairman Michael Steele has ‘failed miserably’

August 13, 2010- MSNBC: Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash

August 12, 2010- KCBS: Chamber of Commerce Opposes Prop. 19

August 11, 2010- Huffington Post: Tea Party Crushing Chamber Of Commerce In GOP Primaries

August 10, 2010- Gavel Grab: Massey, Others Weigh Fall Political Ads 

August 9, 2010- Columbus Examiner: Ohio activist lawyer takes on U.S. Chamber, American Crossroads for alleged money laundering

August 7, 2010- Newsweek: Slow to Spend

August 4, 2010- Rolling Stone: Wall Street's Big Win

August 2, 2010- Mother Jones: Chamber of Commerce Goes After Climate Dissenters In Its Ranks

August 2, 2010- Common Dreams: Corporate Campaign Cash Floods US Elections

July 28, 2010- Washington Post: Criminal probe of oil spill to focus on 3 firms and their ties to regulators

July 23, 2010- MSNBC: U.S. Chamber backs Rubio in Florida 

July 22, 2010- Washington Post: Chamber of Commerce losing battles against Obama

July 22, 2010- Huffington Post: Massey CEO Blankenship On Mine Disaster: No Regrets 

July 21, 2010- Huffington Post: American Crossroads GPS, New Rove Group, Has Dems Questioning Obama's Political Operations 

July 20, 2010- Politico: Rove-linked group uses secret donors to fund attacks 

July 14, 2010- RAW Story: Bloomberg reporter challenges Commerce Chamber pres. over attacks on Obama

July 3, 2010- NYT: As Oil Industry Fights a Tax, It Reaps Subsidies

July/August 2010- Washington Monthly: Show Him the Money

June 2, 2010- Wall St. Journal: Spill Draws Criminal Probe

May 19, 2010- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Massey execs called killers

May 13, 2010- Charleston Gazette: Sen. Byrd: Massey ’scoffed and laughed at’ repeated MSHA citations at Upper Big Branch Mine prior to April 5 disaster that killed 29 miners

May 6, 2010- Huffington Post: John McCain Raises Money From Chamber Of Commerce During Wall Street Reform Debate 

May 4, 2010- Huffington Post: Upper Big Branch Disaster: Concern About Intimidation By Massey Prompts Mine Safety Investigators To Solicit Anonymous Tips

May 4, 2010- Huffington Post: Massey CEO Blankenship Says His Critics Are 'Evil' 

may 3, 2010- Bloomberg Business Week: FBI Probe of Massey Said to Focus on Possible Bribery

May 1, 2010- RAW Story: Obama calls for legislation to restrict lobbyist influence on elections

May1, 2010- Washington Post: Justice probe of Goldman goes beyond deals cited by SEC

April 30, 2010- WarIsACrime.Org: Massey and Goldman Under Criminal Investigation Despite Requirement to Look Backwards, What About the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

April 30, 2010- Reuters: Massey faces criminal probe for mine blast: sources

April 30, 2010- The Hill: Chamber, manufacturers lobby to kill anti-Wall Street derivatives measure

April 30, 2010- The Hill: Anti-Chamber group slams U.S. Chamber's response to Disclose Act

April 27, 2010- The Hill: Former Massey worker says he quit because of ‘poor’ conditions in mine

April 24, 2010- Think Progress: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coordinating Wall Street’s Stealth Lobbying Campaign To Kill Reform 

April 16, 2010- Huffington Post: An Enduring Memorial for Slaughtered Miners: Criminal Liability for Reckless Owners

April 15, 2010- Huffington Post: Letter to Holder Calling for Blankenship Investigation 

April 13, 2010- Huffington Post: CEO of Massey Energy, Don Blankenship, Should Be Criminally Charged 

April 13, 2010- BradBlog: VR Calls for Accountability...Twice This Week...

April 12, 2010- FireDogLake: Don Blankenship and the Chamber – buying the Courts to keep the money flowing

April 12, 2010- RAW Story: Groups call for arrest of West Virginia mine CEO

April 12, 2010- Huffington Post: Don Blankenship: Investors, Politicians Begin Calling For Massey Head To Resign 

April 11, 2010- Huffington Post: Missing Lesson from Mine Tragedy: Union-Busting = Death

April 10, 2010- Washington Post: Mines avoid crackdowns by challenging safety citations

April 10, 2010- FireDogLake: Wrongful Fatalities, Failed Worker Protections

April 7, 2010- RAW Story: Chamber of Commerce attacks effort to ban secretly funded ads

April 6, 2010- NYT: Mines Fight Strict Laws by Filing More Appeals

April 1, 2010- ABC News: U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Repealing Health Care Reform 'Is Not a Realistic Option'

March 28, 2010- DealBook: Lobbying Blitz Takes On Obama’s Wall St. Overhaul

March 24, 2010- Huffington Post: Treasury Official Lashes Out At Chamber Of Commerce For Being 'Dishonest' About CFPA 

March 23 2010- Bloomberg Businessweek: Business Groups Urge Obama Against Naming Becker to Labor Board

March 22, 2010- SEIU Blog: More Big Name Organizations Split From U.S. Chamber

March 17, 2010- ABC News: Study Shows Money Flooding into Campaigns for State Judgeships

March 16, 2010- Washington Post: U.S. Chamber of Commerce sets sights on Democrats ahead of midterm elections

February 24, 2010- The Hill: Dodd introduces constitutional amendment to reverse SCOTUS on campaign spending

February 17, 2010- Talking Points Memo: Lobby Firm Tells Clients How To Sway Elections While Avoiding 'Public Scrutiny'

February 1, 2010- The Atlantic: The Corporations Already Outspend The Parties

January 14, 2010- Buzzflash: Stop the Chamber; I Want to Get Off! Group to Expose Candidates Accepting Funds From Commerce Lobbyists

January 8, 2010- NYT: Courts Roll Back Limits on Election Spending 

December 17, 2009- Citizen Vox: More than 125,000 tell Chamber of Commerce: Stop Protecting rapists!

December 17, 2009- Greenpeace: Climate Talks Held Hostage- Greenpeace Rescue Unit on Scene!

December 10, 2009- Daily Kos: Could the Head of U.S. Chamber Wind Up in the Slammer?  

December 8, 2009- Rush Limbaugh: Liberal Group Puts Bounty on Commerce Boss

December 7, 2009- Fox News: Activist Group Puts Bounty on Chamber of Commerce CEO

November 30, 2009- DeSmogBlog: Who’s Killing the Copenhagen Climate Treaty? The Chamber of Commerce

November 19, 2009- San Francisco Chronicle: Protest greets U.S. Chamber of Commerce group

November 16, 2009- Washington Post: Health bill foes solicit funds for economic study

November 16, 2009- The Plum Line: MoveOn: Over 5,000 Medical Pros Have Called On AMA To Ditch US Chamber

November 12, 2009- Bloomberg: Chamber’s Donohue Keeps Cash Coming After PG&E, Apple Defect

November 5, 2009- Huffington Post: Civil War In Corporate America: Banks Battling The Chamber On Accounting Rules

November 2, 2009- Wall Street Journal: No Deal: Chamber Chief Battles Obama

October 29, 2009- The Black Commentator: US Chamber: Caught With Its Rolls Down

October 26, 2009- At Largely: Much bigger than ACORN scandal...the Chamber of Commerce still not under investigation...

October 25, 2009- LA Times: White House confronts the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

October 20, 2009- Washington Post: Rift between Obama and Chamber of Commerce widening

October 20, 2009- WarIsACrime.Org: Tom Donohue and the Chamber of Open Secrets

October 19, 2009- Huffington Post: White House Turns Its Guns On The Chamber Of Commerce

October 16, 2009- Washington Post: Defections Expose Chamber's Dirty Little Secrets

October 16, 2009- PR Watch: Chamber of Commerce Launches Massive "American Free Enterprise" Campaign

October 15, 2009- Change To Win: Tom Donohue: Preaching Principle, Enabling Excess

October 15, 2009- Slate: Chamber of Horrors

October 15, 2009- Alternet: Not Your Father's Chamber of Commerce: National Organization Is Now a Tool of the Radical Right

October 15, 2009- Campaign for America's Future: The Chamber of Commerce's Jobs Deception Campaign

October 14, 2009- Mother Jones: US Chamber Shrinks Membership 90%

October 14, 2009- Mother Jones: Yo, Chamber of Commerce, You Speakin' For Me?

October 8, 2009- Mother Jones: Why Are These "Green" Companies Still in the US Chamber of Commerce?

August 6, 2009- Campaign for America's Future: Fascist America: Are We There Yet?

July 31, 2009- American Independent Business Alliance: Supreme Court Showdown Pits Corporate Interests Against Independent Businesses and Citizens

December 11, 2008- Lawyers USA: Chamber: Stop lawsuits – but not ours

August 18, 2007- Venture Outsource: Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce on outsourcing and offshoring

June 15, 2007- Washington Post: Another Top Shareholder Comes Down On Sunrise

June 1, 2006- CFO Magazine: Inside the Chamber


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