You are hereMedia Matters: Will The Media Acknowledge U.S. Chamber's Sweep Of Supreme Court's Decisions?

Media Matters: Will The Media Acknowledge U.S. Chamber's Sweep Of Supreme Court's Decisions?

-By Lara Schwartz

June 24, 2013- In less than one week, the Supreme Court has issued four decisions immunizing corporate defendants from liability for their wrongdoings and closing the courthouse door to individuals seeking redress. The Court handed victories to the pro-corporate U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has an unprecedented success rate before the Roberts Court and which filed amicus briefs in all of the cases.

As The Wall Street Journal reported before the Court issued three pro-corporate decisions on June 24:

While business litigants often found themselves on the winning side of cases under the tenure of former Chief Justice William Rehnquist, they have made advances since Chief Justice John Roberts took the helm in 2005.

On June 20, the Court ruled in American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant that class action waiver provisions would be enforced even if doing so would make it impossible for small businesses to protect their rights under federal law.  In spite of the fact that the decision could have a serious impact on individuals' ability to hold corporations accountable for wrongdoing, media coverage was scant.

On June 24, the Supreme Court handed down three more decisions that roll back individual rights to redress for corporate wrongdoing.



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