You are hereThe Daily Banter: Americans Finally Saying No to God Awful ‘McWages'

The Daily Banter: Americans Finally Saying No to God Awful ‘McWages'

-By Ben Cohen

August 15, 2013- Although the rich, the political elite and most of the media are not concerned with the plight of America’s working poor, there are now real signs that those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder are taking matters in to their own hands and fighting back. Having spent the past 30 years watching the rich accumulate astonishing levels of wealth and their wages stagnate to the point where they cannot feed and house themselves, low skilled workers in America are finally saying enough is enough.

Reports the Guardian:

“Since last year, when Walmart faced the first co-ordinated strikes in its history over pay and conditions, similar protests have been spreading through America’s low-wage workforce. Earlier this month thousands of fast food workers in cities including New York, Chicago and Detroit took to the streets, many wearing red “Fight for 15″ T-shirts – a reference to the popular call for a $15 (£9.70) hourly wage, almost double the current minimum. With more protests planned for the autumn, America’s most marginalised, vulnerable and exploited workforce is on the march.”

The fact is, it is impossible to live on the minimum wage ($7.25) in America – a reality the business community does not want to face up to. The report continues:

“The McDonald’s wage – like any minimum wage – is basically a starvation wage,” says John Mason, a professor of politics at William Paterson University in New Jersey. “It effectively places you at 30% below the official poverty budget.”

The argument for low wages goes as follows: raising the minimum wage will destroy business as it will increase overhead. You work minimum wage only temporarily until you climb your way up the ladder and make a respectable wage.



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