You are hereTruthout: Football Stadium Named After Private Prison Company Blurs Line Between Retribution and Recreation

Truthout: Football Stadium Named After Private Prison Company Blurs Line Between Retribution and Recreation

-By Christopher Petrella

February 22, 2013- The GEO Group -the nation's second largest for-profit, private prison firm - recently announced its intention to gift $6 million over a 12-year period to Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a public institution situated less than 5 miles from GEO's corporate headquarters in Boca Raton. In return, FAU has agreed to emblazon the words "GEO Group Stadium" on its 29,419-seat open-air football facility, a decision that blurs the boundaries between recreation and retribution and challenges the parameters of so-called "corporate citizenship," a popular practice that attempts to displace the systematic contradictions of modern capitalism with singular moments of charity. In the end, GEO's construct of "corporate citizenship" trips over itself by feeding the very conditions it claims to starve. The company's existence is nothing short of an exercise in contradiction.

George Zoley, CEO of the GEO Group and alumnus of Florida Atlantic University, said of the nascent partnership, "We're delighted with the opportunity to enter into this groundbreaking partnership with Florida Atlantic University. Our company has always been committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we serve. This new partnership between The GEO Group Foundation and the FAU Foundation will allow the University to support its scholarship and academic program priorities and will serve as a catalyst for continued academic and economic growth in South Florida."

And in an email first publicized by The New York Times, one unidentified GEO spokesperson stated, "We have always adhered to the highest standards in our industry and have shown a commitment to philanthropy and good corporate citizenship, [emphasis added] and we believe this very important gift, which will help thousands of students over the next 12 years, is representative of that commitment."



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