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Update 9/15/10

MoveOn releases ad tying the Chamber’s dirty money and fraud to Senate candidates Rand Paul and Kelly Ayotte. See press release here

Update 9/13/10

Stop the Chamber launches new campaign to expose Karl Rove’s new partnership with the Chamber, Check out the campaign’s first ad.

Update 9/10/10

Tax Fraud Charges Brought Against The Chamber Watchdog group charges in a complaint filed today with the Internal Revenue Service that the Chamber violated tax codes by laundering millions of dollars meant for charitable work from a group with ties to the insurance giant A.I.G. See IRS Filing here. 

UPDATE: 8/4/10

Tom Donohue has been palling around with the president of China in order to promote the outsourcing of American jobs. As Mr. Donohue told VentureOutsource publication, outsourcing is good for business and the Chamber is “fighting to preserve their right to [outsource].”   


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