VR Launches NRAWatch.org To Support Gun Control

Today, we officially launched our new campaign called NRAWatch.org to (1) expose the NRA, (2) hold it accountable for misleading the public, (3) urge people and organizations to withdraw their support from it, and (4) support legislation, executive actions and grassroots initiatives to further common sense regulation of guns, especially assault weapons, high capacity magazines and universal background checks.  Initially, we are asking whistleblowers, insiders, and hackers to release information regarding NRA activities that demonstrate ethical breaches, corruption, or criminality.  If that information is provided to us, we will publicize it and provide it to the FBI.  If the information results in an arrest and conviction, we will pay up to $100,000 to the person who provides that information.  We are accepting information at tips@NRAWatch.org

This campaign is modeled after other recent campaigns that have successfully targeted negative influences in the political landscape, including Stop The Chamber of Commerce, Stop Rush Limbaugh, and ALEC Exposed.  We will be adding many partners and endorsers in the coming weeks, and will have many action items for people to do in support of the campaign.  Please help us by making a donation at http://www.velvetrevolution.us/donate.php