What To Do if You Have Problems with an E-Voting Machine Today

The BRAD BLOG has reposted information we collected in 2008 for your use today:

What To Do If You Have Problems With an E-Voting Machine Today...

* Call poll supervisors to observe the problem.
* Fill out a problem report.
* Refuse to vote on that machine.
* Request that the machine be taken out of service.
* Get a serial number of the machine if possible (may be difficult in many cases).
* Tell other voters in line which machine it was and that they should NOT vote on that machine!
* Report it to county/town election office.
* Report it to the Secretary of State.
* Call local reporters and tell them the story.
* Call voter problem hotlines (eg. 866-OUR-VOTE) and report it.
* Contact bloggers and Election Integrity websites.
* Raise holy hell.

REMINDER: Please bring a video camera/cell phone camera when you go to vote so you can document these problems on video tape.

More at link.

If you have reason to suspect election fraud, please call Velvet Revolution's whistleblower hotline at 888-VOTE-TIP.


Please keep in mind that the most serious problems with electronic voting are invisible to voters, election officials, and candidates alike. So while it's true that the problems you may run into -- your votes visibly flipping to candidates you didn't choose, machines not working, etc. -- truly are problems, it's even more important to remember that results of an election that appeared to run smoothly absolutely cannot be trusted when votes are counted electronically!


What To Do if You Have Problems with an E-Voting Machine Today:

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