North Carolina Republican Party Sues Over Vote-Flipping

Though the Republican and Democratic parties have been largely silent for years as voters and election integrity advocates have repeatedly pointed out the insecurity of electronic voting systems, the GOP in North Carolina has suddenly taken notice. A lawsuit has been filed against the North Carolina State Board of Elections citing evidence of votes visibly flipping from Republican to Democratic candidates in early voting in the Tar Heel State. Ess_Meltdown_NC.jpg

This is at least the second report of Republican voters watching their votes flip this election, the first being in Texas, where a voter reported a vote intended for Republican Governor Rick Perry flipping to the Green Party slate.

While these reports are indeed disturbing, it's crucial to remember that votes that visibly flip from the intended recipient to another candidate can be evidence of poorly-performed election manipulation. If a hack is done 'right,' the votes will flip invisibly inside the machine and neither the voter, the election workers, or the candidates will ever know.

Read the full story at VR co-founder Brad Friedman's The BRAD BLOG.


North Carolina Republican Party Sues Over Vote-Flipping:

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