Hacker Takes Over D.C. Voting System Server!

Computer Science Professor J. Alex Halderman led a team from the University of Michigan to successfully penetrate and manipulate the internet voting system Washington D.C. planned to use for military and overseas voters for the general election.

The team of "white hat hackers" was able to change all of the votes, implant code into the system that would result in any future votes being changed as well, and program the system to play the University of Michigan fight song after a vote was cast.

What they found inside the system was as frightening as their ability to penetrate it in the first place. They were not the only hackers trying to get access. Computers in Iran and China were also attempting to get in.

Read more at The BRAD BLOG:
Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System
[Note: Brad Friedman, proprietor of The BRAD BLOG, is one of the founders of Velvet Revolution.]


Hacker Takes Over D.C. Voting System Server!:

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