Formal Complaint Filed Against California's Riverside County Registrar of Voters

ROV Barbara Dunmore Certified The County's Election Results On Dec. 2 -- Yet Thousands Of Votes Have Yet To Be Counted!

From Tom Courbat of Save R Vote we have learned that EI activist Art Cassel has filed a formal complaint with the California Secretary of State regarding Riverside County Registrar of Voters Barbara Dunmore's certification of the 2008 election results even though thousands of votes are still uncounted.

According to an article in The Desert Sun, "County Registrar of Voters Barbara Dunmore told the county Board of Supervisors in an e-mail last week she would not be done counting until the end of January, which will be more than eight weeks after she certified the election was final."

The article points out that Dunmore did inform the Secretary of State's office that although she had certified the county's election results, she was not finished counting all the ballots. In response, Nicole Winger, a spokeswoman for the Sec. of State's office said, "Of course, notifying the Secretary of State's Office that one is out of compliance does not make one compliant."

Says Cassel, "The registrar's office has a simple job: Count the votes and comply with state law. If something did go wrong [with the count] who would know it? It's pointless. If they're doing it to fill the requirement, what is the purpose of the requirement if the ability for a candidate to challenge the election is gone? It seems like a colossal waste of the taxpayers' money."

Courbat of Save R Vote wrote in an email to supporters that, "It has been confirmed that Registrar of Voters Barbara Dunmore certified the November 4, 2008 election results on December 2, 2008, with full knowledge that thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of paper trails from electronic votes remained to be tallied."

Courbat continued, "It is now known that the 100% manual tally of the electronic votes [which is required by law] cast in the November 4, 2008 election is still not completed, a full 10 weeks after the election. And it has been discovered that instead of counting the votes in clear public view as required by law, the ongoing counting process has been taking place in a staff area generally out of the line of citizen's sight."

This secret out-of-the-public's-view counting of ballots is yet another violation of California's election law by ROV Dunmore.

Courbat claims that Dunmore "has commonly complied with State Election Code and regulations on a selective basis, including refusals in the past to post election results at each precinct."

Failures of county election officials to follow election procedures in a number of CA counties are at the core of Velvet Revolution's request to SoS Bowen's office to investigate the vote count on Proposition 8, the ballot measure that amended California's Constitution to eliminate marriage equality. This new information from Riverside County is a glaring example of why that investigation must take place.

Last year, we reported that Save R Vote joined with a retired Riverside County district attorney in an audit of the office of the Riverside County Registrar of Voters. The results of that audit are due in early March, and hopefully these recent developments will be included in the final report.

As our colleague Brad Friedman of The BRAD BLOG wrote back in 2007, "How is It That Barbara Dunmore Still Has a Job?"

That's a good question. I'd reckon it's a safe bet that most people who repeatedly violated the law in the course of doing their jobs would be fired PDQ. But not, apparently, if you're a crooked registrar of voters in Riverside County.


Formal Complaint Filed Against California's Riverside County Registrar of Voters:

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