What To Do If You See Voting Machines Flipping Votes

Early voting has begun. We strongly recommend using paper ballots whenever possible. Many states allow the use of paper ballots, but you have to ask for one. Ask.

But in some states and counties, voters are required to use the electronic voting machines. And there are a growing number of reports about electronic voting machines flipping some votes from one candidate to another.

So if you're voting on an electronic voting machine and you see your votes being flipped (or if the machine malfunctions in any other way), what should you do?

Here are some suggestions from election integrity experts at TrueVote.us, and from Emily Levy of Velvet Revolution's StandingForVoters.org and Ellen Theisen of VotersUnite.org.

  • Get the machine's serial number, if possible
  • Call over a poll supervisor to observe the problem
  • Insist on filling out a problem report
  • Refuse to vote on that machine
  • Request that the machine be taken out of service and impounded for later forensic examination
  • Tell all the voters waiting in line exactly which machine flipped your vote (third machine from the left, or whatever)
  • Report the problem via election integrity hotlines, twitter, and the voter suppression wiki. Information on how to do that is here.
  • Call the county, city, and state election offices and report the problem.
  • Find those phone numbers here.
  • Call reporters and tell them about the problem

And also, please keep in mind that not seeing flipped votes does not indicate that votes are recorded correctly, as they can be flipped invisibly. That's just one reason why we strongly recommend using paper ballots whenever possible.

Happy voting. And may your vote be counted and counted accurately.


What To Do If You See Voting Machines Flipping Votes:

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