'Video the Vote.org' Captures Video Evidence Of Vote Flipping

Touchscreen Machine Continues To Flip Votes Even After Recalibration

Our friends at VideoTheVote.org are doing great work videoing votes being flipped and taking video testimony from voters who've had their votes flipped before their very eyes. They need volunteers to help with their "video the vote" efforts, so please join them and help make this election clean.

And one more thing before we get to the videos: Please remember to use a paper ballot if at all possible. Some states and counties won't allow you to use a paper ballot, but in others, you won't get a paper ballot unless you ask for one. Ask. If at all possible, use a paper ballot! Only if there is no other choice should you use these crappy, badly made, poorly designed, easily hacked, frequently inaccurate, totally unverifiable, democracy killing, privately-owned-and-controlled touchscreen voting machines.

Now, check out this video of a voting machine not working correctly in West Virginia. According to Ian Inaba of VideoTheVote.org, "West Virginia officials and others across the nation have said these are isolated incidents and easily fixed, but our video shows otherwise. In the video, a WV poll worker shows our crew how he "recalibrates" a broken machine -- only the machine stays broken after his "fix."

Now watch this October 23 video testimony from a WV voter who saw her vote flip before her eyes.

So what do you do if you see your vote being flipped on these horrible machines? Here's your answer.
  • Get the machine's serial number, if possible
  • Call over a poll supervisor to observe the problem
  • Insist on filling out a problem report
  • Refuse to vote on that machine
  • Request that the machine be taken out of service and impounded for later forensic examination
  • Tell all the voters waiting in line exactly which machine flipped your vote (third machine from the left, or whatever)
  • Report the problem via election integrity hotlines, twitter, and the voter suppression wiki. Information on how to do that is here.
  • Call the county, city, and state election offices and report the problem.
  • Find those phone numbers here.
  • Call reporters and tell them about the problem
And one more important note. Even if the touchscreen machine shows your vote to be as you want it to be, there is no way to know and no guarantee that your vote will actually be recorded or recorded accurately. With a paper ballot, you can look and see that your ballot is correct before you turn it over to the poll workers. Not so with the touchscreen machines. So again, use a paper ballot if at all possible.


'Video the Vote.org' Captures Video Evidence Of Vote Flipping:

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