Velvet Revolution Announces Election Verification Exit Polls

Velvet Revolution is working with a coalition of organizations, including Election Defense Alliance and Election Integrity, to create a statistical foundation to support the case for a recount in close elections.

This is a vital part of Velvet Revolution's efforts to secure our elections. Every citizen has not only the right to vote, but the right to have all our votes counted and counted accurately. The Election Verification Exit Poll project can help verify whether or not this has happened.

We are proud to be working with recognized experts in polling and election integrity. Dr. Ken Warren, professor at St. Louis University and president of The Warren Poll, Dr. Steven F. Freeman, author of Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? and Resident Scholar and Affiliated Faculty of Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania, and Jonathan Simon of Election Defense Alliance have developed a polling methodology to detect vote manipulation. This methodology was tested at twenty precincts in Pennsylvania in 2006 and at seven precincts in the Kentucky primary in 2008. The Kentucky results have been written up in a June 30, 2008 paper, "The Election Integrity Election Verification Exit Poll: Report on the Kentucky Pilot Project" by Dr. Freeman.

The objective is to conduct an Election Verification Exit Poll at 20-30 locations each in Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania (and possibly other states). These results will be rapidly analyzed to be available for election challenges as necessary.

Details of the plan can be read here [pdf, 104 Kb].

We are at a critical stage in this important effort. The conditions exist for manipulation of the election. It is vital that every vote be counted and counted accurately. The future of our republic is at stake. The importance of election integrity cannot be stressed enough, and the Election Verification Polls are an important part of this effort.

You can help. Please visit this page of the Election Defense Alliance to sign up. You'll be given all the information and instructions you need to help with this historic citizen's election integrity project.

And if you can't sign up to help, you can support this project financially. Please donate to help us fund this important election protection campaign.

American soldiers have the job of protecting our nation. American citizens have the job of protecting our democracy. Thank you for all you do.


Velvet Revolution Announces Election Verification Exit Polls:

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