Nevada State Police Raid Las Vegas ACORN Office

This has been very thoroughly covered by our colleague Brad Friedman of The BRAD BLOG, and you should check out his coverage for all the details you won't get from the media.

To summarize, on October 7, 2008, the Nevada State Police raided the Las Vegas office of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and seized records state officials claim show proof that ACORN is turning in fraudulent voter registration applications.

In fact, ACORN is required by law to turn in all applications for registration, even those that they suspect are fraudulent. But they flag for election officials those applications which appear to be fraudulent.

ACORN does not try to get fraudulent registration applications accepted by the states in which they work. They merely follow the law and turn in all applications, and to repeat, they flag those applications that are suspicious.

From a statement put out by ACORN in Nevada:

For the past 10 months, any time ACORN has identified a potentially fraudulent application, we turn that application in to election officials separately and offer to provide election officials with the information they would need to pursue an investigation or prosecution of the individual.

Election officials routinely ignored this information and failed to act.

But despite ACORN's determination to follow the law and despite the fact that they flagged all suspicious registrations for Nevada election officials, the Nevada State Police raided the ACORN office in Las Vegas. No arrests were made.

Bob Walsh, a spokesman for Nevada's Secretary of State Ross Miller (D), justified the raid by stating:

"I'm certainly not suggesting that ACORN is that nefarious, but at the same time just because they handed over 50 [suspicious registration applications] to you doesn't mean there aren't 150 others out there."

A brilliant statement, Mr. Walsh. Just freakin' brilliant.

So I guess if you live in Nevada and you witness a crime, you'd better not tell the cops about it, because Mr. Walsh and the Secretary of State's office will no doubt immediately launch an investigation of you. 'Cause if you know about and report one crime, "it doesn't mean there aren't 150 other [crimes] out there."

Read The BRAD BLOG's complete coverage.


Nevada State Police Raid Las Vegas ACORN Office:

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