Cynthia McKinney Becomes First Presidential Candidate To Sign Standing For Voters' Super Pledge!

Green Party Candidate Takes The Lead!

Which of Her Opponents Will Be Next to Pledge for Democracy?


I, Cynthia McKinney, pledge to use my candidacy, whenever feasible, to advance the preservation of democracy. I will officially challenge the results of the election as provided by law if the combination of election conditions, incident reports and announced election results calls into question the reliability of the official vote count. I will wait until all valid votes are counted and all serious challenges resolved before declaring victory or conceding defeat. I will involve my campaign volunteers in actions to enhance the accuracy and verifiability of the election in which I am a candidate. I will speak out publicly during the pre-election period about the importance of fair, accurate and transparent elections and about this pledge. I will designate a liaison between my campaign and "Standing For Voters" so that "Standing For Voters" can alert me to any red flags they are aware of regarding my election.

Standing For Voters, a project of Velvet Revolution,
is actively seeking pledges -- and more robust Super Pledges, such as that taken by McKinney -- from candidates for office, regardless of party affiliation or what public office they seek.

Standing For Voters asks voters to call on candidates to take the pledge. Visit the site for a list of candidates who have pledged to date, along with tips about how to approach candidates with requests to pledge not to concede early, and to challenge elections where necessary. Standing For Voters is currently forming a task force to continue pursuit of pledges from presidential candidates and candidates in other key races. Email to volunteer.

Candidates ask voters to stand for us. Now, we're asking candidates to Stand For Voters!

Elections belong to the voters, not to the candidates! This year, let's make democracy the winner!

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