Texas Students March Seven Miles to Vote!

A Thousand Students from Historically Black Prairie View A&M University Declare "It's 2008. We Will Vote!"

More Early Voting Locations Will Now Be Added in Waller County

Prairi.jpg When Prairie View A&M students learned there would be no polling places nearby, they organized a march to the nearest early voting station, 7.3 miles away. Yesterday, on the first day of early voting, a reported 1000 students and 1000 more supporters marched to the County seat, where they waited as long as five hours to vote, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"Last week, under pressure from federal authorities, Waller County officials added three temporary polling places for early voting, ditching plans to open only one voting site in advance of the March 4 primary," according to the article.

The Burnt Orange Report gives some background to voting rights struggles on the campus:

"There has been a long history of dispute over what the students feel is disenfranchisement. There was a lot of outrage in 2006, when students felt they were unfairly denied the right to vote when their registrations somehow did not get processed."

Photo by Ken Basart. View more of his photos of yesterday's march.

And here's a two and a half minute video of the march, as posted at Burnt Orange Report:


Texas Students March Seven Miles to Vote!:

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