Round Up of the Week's Primary Election Coverage on The BRAD BLOG

Velvet Revolution's Co-Founder Brad Friedman and Guest Bloggers including Velvet Revolution's Emily Levy Take Out Their Shovels After the 'Horses' have Raced By

Something Stinks in Primary Elections Around the U.S.
Washington: 2/10: Huckabee 'Not Ready to Concede', 'Looking at Some Legal Issues' in 'Dubious' Washington State GOP Caucus: Says 'Weird Things' Going On as Party Stops Counting Votes at 87%, Declares McCain 'Winner' with Just 242 Vote Margin out of nearly 14,000 Reported Tallied So Far.

2/10: Obama Camp Sends 'Urgent Request for Assistance' to Louisiana SoS as Voters Find Party Registration Switched: Cites 'Widespread Reports' of Problems During Today's Primary, as Registration Issues in State After State Begin to Emerge.

New Mexico:
2/6: Say What? - Party Official Kept Uncounted Ballox Boxes at Home Overnight as 200 Vote Margin Currently Seen in New Mexico's Democratic Caucus: 17,000 Voters Forced to Vote on Provisional Ballots After Being Dropped from Registration Rolls 'Maintained' by SoS and Voting Machine Company, ES&S.
2/8: Privatization of New Mexico Voting Rolls May Have Played Major Role in Super Tuesday's Democratic Caucus Mess: Contracts with Unaccountable Private Vendors Like ES&S in NM and Elsewhere, Continue Taking Costly Toll on American Democracy.

2/5: Problems (and Confusion) at L.A. County Polls Today: Independent Voters Have Trouble Voting, and Having Their Vote Counted, in the Open Democratic Primary.
2/6: More Details on 'Double Bubble Trouble' in Los Angeles County
2/7: Filling in the Ovals on LA County's Super Tuesday 'Double Bubble' Debacle: Confusion Reigns, Legal Challenges Loom as Hundreds of Thousands Votes May Not be Counted Due to Maddeningly Confusing Ballot Design, Procedures.

2/5: Voters Face Long Lines in Georgia as Photo ID Laws and Diebold's Crashing E-Pollbook System Slow Process: Wait Times Up to Two and a Half or More in Metro Atlanta, While New E-Registration Computers Cause Delays.

New Jersey:

2/5: NJ Governor Delayed Casting Vote as Voting Machines Inoperable in Hoboken: One Unverifiable Touch-Screen Machine Finally Fixed, No Provisional Ballots Available at Polling Place, Voters Turned Away.

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Round Up of the Week's Primary Election Coverage on The BRAD BLOG:

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