Los Angeles 'Decline To State' Voters Take Note!

An Extra Circle Must Be Filled In Or Your Vote Today Will Not Be Counted!

Velvet Revolution's colleagues at The Courage Campaign have been wrestling with the Los Angeles County, California Registrar of Voters to remedy a recently discovered situation that could cost as many as three quarters of a million L.A. voters their votes.

In California, voters who "decline to state" a party affiliation when they register to vote are invited by the Democratic and American Independent parties--but not the Republican, Green, or other small parties--to vote in their primary elections. 'Decline To State' (DTS) voters must request a Democratic or American Independent ballot at the polling place. But The Courage Campaign is publicizing a little-known requirement: that voters must fill in circles 5 or 6 on the ballot in order for their votes to be counted.

Circle 5 confirms that the voter requested and American Independent Party ballot; circle 6 confirms that the voter is voting a Democratic ballot. Marking either of these circles is of course redundant, because the voter declared their preference when they requested a ballot from one of these parties, and only the chosen party's presidential candidates appear on their ballot.

Please see The Courage Campaign Website for details, including their letter to the L.A. County Registrar of Voters. And spread the word!

Additional resources:
California Secretary of State's Information on DTS voters


Los Angeles 'Decline To State' Voters Take Note!:

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