Today The Voting Starts And The Bad Guys Are Already Trying To Rig Another Election

Please note that VR has an election protection hotline to report instances of fraud and theft in the 2008 elections, starting with today’s caucus in Iowa. Please spread it far and wide, 1-800-VOTETIP.

Last election, the election reform community was virtually alone in warning of a “train wreck” from the use of electronic voting machines, and we were right with thousands of reports of problems nationwide. Well, this year the mainstream media is finally taking notice due in large part to the recent reports out of California, Ohio and Colorado that most of the e-voting machines are unsecure and ripe for rip-offs. CNN today calls e-voting a “failure”, http://www.bradblog.com/?p=5504, USA Today warns that millions have been wrongfully purged from voter rolls, http://www.bradblog.com/?p=5503, and the Associated Press reports that our election system is broken, http://www.bradblog.com/?p=5502.

But e-voting is only part of the problem – another part involves the use of illegal practices by the GOP/RNC as outlined in the book, How to Rig an Election, Confessions of a Republican Operative, due out on January 8th. The author reports that the GOP has an entire playbook of dirty tricks run by black ops staffers at the RNC and operatives at DCI Group. These include illegal phone jamming, false phone scripting, false direct mailers, slush funds, shell companies, co-mingling of soft and hard monies, vote caging and intimidation of voters. For example, in South Carolina, cards falsely attributed to the Romney campaign were sent to Republicans to taint his campaign. In Kansas, the Chairman of the Kansas GOP recently bragged about how many voters the GOP had already caged. And today, the Swift Boat Veterans were exposed as at it again with their war chest of lies.

So be diligent and keep an eye out for all this illegal and unethical conduct by the haters of democracy. Please let us know when you see something.


Today The Voting Starts And The Bad Guys Are Already Trying To Rig Another Election:

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