NH Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Results Announced for Clinton/Obama

Other Pre-Election Numbers, For Republicans and Rest of Dems, Nearly Dead on the Money...

Democratic Presidential Candidates: Step Up and Show Us What You're Made Of!

Velvet Revolution co-founder Brad Friedman reports at The BRAD BLOG that there's reason to look very closely at New Hampshire Democratic Primary results.

We're not sure why, given the numbers we're looking at, Obama conceded so soon. His quick concession does not offer Democrats any assurance whatsoever that he understands the issues of election integrity we cover here at Velvet Revolution.

Brad writes, "While I have no evidence at this time --- let me repeat, no evidence at this time --- of chicanery, what we do know is that chicanery, with this particular voting system, is not particularly difficult."

Democrats absolutely need a nominee this year who they know will challenge any fishy election results and stick with that challenge as long as it takes. Now is the moment for every Democratic presidential candidate to step forward and show the voters your stuff. Velvet Revolution calls upon all Democratic Presidential candidates to:

  1. Publicly call upon New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner to immediately, swiftly and thoroughly investigate the discrepancy in Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire, including comparison between the approximately 40% of precincts (25% of votes) originally counted by hand and the 60% of precincts counted by the same optical-scan machines that were hacked in Florida
  2. Publicly call upon the other Democratic presidential candidates to join you in this action, and
  3. Seize this golden opportunity to show Democratic Voters throughout the country what you can be depended up on to do should there be suspicious results in other primaries or in November's general election.

Next, the Republicans need to show the exact same respect for the voters, and demand transparency, from top to bottom in the system.  As ever, this is not about Right or Left, but about Right and Wrong. Every candidate, in every party, needs to begin standing up for the voters if they expect us to stand up for them.

Again, the full story, with updates, can be found at The BRAD BLOG.


NH Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Results Announced for Clinton/Obama:

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