Bush’s Hometown Paper Reports On Our Mike Connell Investigation

Some good news out of Texas recently and a tip off to all those press people who ignored our previous scoops about problems with our elections. Bush’s hometown newspaper, the Lonestar Iconoclast, recently did a nice story about our investigation of Bush loyalist Mike Connell and how he was tapped by George Bush Sr. in 1986 to embed the GOP takeover of the government into the country’s IT network.

Connell is a computer genius who Daddy Bush introduced to Karl Rove and Jeb Bush way before Dubya took the White House. Connell created the first GOP website, controlled the election computers in Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004, launched www.georgebush.com, and has been involved in virtually every election scandal the past decade – NH phone jamming, Swift Boat Veterans Against Kerry, false phone and direct mail scripting, WH email scandal, US Attorney scandal, and others. His companies control the majority of GOP IT work, and the scary thing is that his company GovTech Solutions is now behind the firewall of key committees in Congress, including Judiciary, Intelligence, Ways and Means, and Administration.

We have been investigating Connell and his companies for many months using whistleblowers to provide us with hard incriminating evidence against him and his associates. More will be coming out in the near future. When you see a dirty trick during this election, even one against a Republican, be aware that the odds are that one of Connell’s companies is involved in some way. We are going to expose this attack on democracy front and center so Connell and his ilk are persona non grata. We will be launching a campaign shortly demanding that candidates pledge not to use Connell’s companies or the tactics they have been engaging in over the past decade.


Bush’s Hometown Paper Reports On Our Mike Connell Investigation:

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