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New! "Democracy Deadlocked: Ohio"
This two-part high quality YouTube video discusses the King-Lincoln v. Blackwell case, destruction of ballots from the 2004 election, connection between the 2004 election in Ohio and the current economic crisis, and more.
Part One:

Part Two:

Here are some films and videos we recommend...

"Hacking Democracy"

Directors: Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels The disturbingly shocking HBO documentary Hacking Democracy bravely tangles with our nation's ills at the heart of democracy, asking the simple question: How does America count its votes? March 2007, 81 minutes

Website for Hacking Democracy
Order here.

"UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections"

By Emmy-recognized filmmaker David Earnhardt This full-length documentary includes footage of three whistleblowers, Clint Curtis, Steve Heller, and Bruce Funk, along with many other people who have been on the front lines in exposing the flaws and vulnerabilities of our vote-counting systems, such as Rep. John Conyers, Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman, Brad Friedman, Bev Harris, Teresa Hommel, and more.

UNCOUNTED website here. Trailer of UNCOUNTED on YouTube.

"Commander 'N Thief"

By Tom O'Brien, with an introduction by Greg Palast.
Others appearing include Congressman John Conyers, Jr.; attorneys Cliff Arnebeck, John Bonifaz, Robert Fitrakis, Joseph Geller, Peter Peckarsky and Susan Truitt; computer science expert Professor Avi Rubin of Johns Hopkins and Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., the leading public-advocacy investigator of voting fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential election; statistical expert Professor Steven Freeman, Ph.D. of the University of Pennsylvania; consumer advocate against electronic voting Bev Harris; Franklin County, Ohio Director of Elections Matthew Damschroder; and Ohio poll workers, concerned citizens, and community activists. 2007
Video website

"Stealing America...Vote by Vote"

By Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated Dorothy Fadiman
Dorothy Fadiman's powerful, moving, infuriating, comprehensive and brilliant new film might well be re-named "The Crime of the Century."
March 2008, 70 minutes
Website: Stealing America Vote by Vote
From Concentric Media. For orders of 12 DVDs or less and paying by check, send an email or call 650-568-4340

"American Blackout"

Directed by Ian Inaba
Whatever you think you know about our election systems, this film will make you question further why the news media fails to accurately inform the public. Directed by GNN's Ian Inaba, creator of Eminem's "Mosh" music video, American Blackout critically examines the contemporary tactics used to control our democratic process and silence voices of political dissent.
Featuring: Congressional members John Conyers, John Lewis, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Bernie Sanders and journalists Greg Palast and Bob Fitrakis.
2006, 89 minutes
Four-minute YouTube trailer.
Website for AMERICAN BLACKOUT here.

"Democracy at Risk: CNN's Lou Dobbs and Kitty Pilgrim Report"

As shown on CNN; now THREE complete volumes with 51 episodes There are three volumes of the DVD. The first covers 21 Lou Dobbs episodes from 6/20/2006 to 9/15/2006. The second volume covers 20 episodes from 9/20/2006 to 10/30/2006. The third covers 11 episodes from 10/31/2006 to 1/4/2007 2006 and 2007 FREE, from Gary at Solarbus.

"Electile Dysfunction"

By Penny Little A 58-minute documentary by Penny Little exploring the story behind the November 2004 Presidential election. Shows a complicated and technical subject in an entertaining way, with a montage of interviews, dark humor, short animations and lively music. Includes Greg Palast, Danny Schechter, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Victor Navasky, Jim Hightower, William Rivers Pitt, David Dill, U.S. Congressman John Conyers, prominent computer scientists, celebrities, journalists, civil rights organizations, voting rights watchdogs, international poll watchers, election officials and everyday voters. 2005, 58 minutes Irreverant Productions, ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION

"Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"

Filmmakers: Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election is the riveting story about the battle for the presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America. Filmmakers Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler examine modern America's most controversial political contest: the 2000 election of George W. Bush. What emerges is a disturbing picture of an election marred by suspicious irregularities, electoral injustices, and sinister voter purges in a state governed by the winning candidate's brother. This 2004 Campaign Edition features new commentary by Danny Glover and a new segment on the dangers of electronic voting machines." amazon.com 2004 Watch Unprecedented FREE here

"How Ohio Pulled It Off"

Directors: Mariana Quiroga, Charla Baker, Matt Kraus How Ohio Pulled It Off is a documentary film chronicling elections from 2004 to 2006 in the bellwether state of Ohio, and a study of the electoral system in principle and practice. Former Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell oversaw a close contest between George W. Bush and John Kerry in 2004, ultimately awarding Ohio's twenty electoral votes to the current Commander-in-Chief. Citizens reported a host of election problems, prompting grassroots efforts to monitor and reform the system. Two years later, voters soundly rejected Blackwell's bid for the Ohio governor's seat, selecting Ted Strickland by a wide margin. As two years of Ohio history unfolds, "How Ohio Pulled It Off" explains the finer points of elections in Ohio and the United States, offering lessons about the Electoral College, voting rules, regulations, and procedures. Visit the website here.

"Help America Vote on Paper"

A 15-minute briefing video on the dangers to democracy posed by the privatization of the US election system and by electronic voting machines and what citizens can do about it. Includes attorney Lowell Finley, US Reps. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Cynthia McKinney, Lynn Woolsey. Video proposes either an optical scan system, which it acknowledges can be hacked, or a hand counted paper ballot. 2006
Watch the video FREE here or call (415) 868-1900

"Vote Rigging 101"

and (a shorter version of "Vote Rigging 101").
Taken from presentations at the national teach-in in Oakland, on 2-26-05 by
Bob Fitrakis, Lynn Landes, Emily Levy, Dr. Jonathan Simon, Warren Stewart, Medea Benjamin, John Gideon, Larry Bensky, Jim March, and Paul Lehto.
Ecological Options Network (415) 868-1900
Website here.

No Umbrella: Election Day in the City

A 26 minute short documentary film by Laura Paglin from her taping of just one precinct during Ohio's 2004 election. She picked a good one. If you haven't seen it, you should!
Website and trailer here.

Swing State Ohio

by Jed Wolfington.
"Swing State Ohio" is a one-hour documentary program about the perennial importance of Ohio as a vital swing state in U.S. Presidential Elections. It is set during the final 30 days of the 2004 election, when Ohio was THE decisive state that granted a controversial victory to George W. Bush.
Website here

The Right To Count: Democracy v. Electronic Voting

by Richard Van Slyke
The Right To Count is the result of over two years of production. It includes interviews with top computer scientists from some of the most respected universities in the U.S. such as Johns Hopkins, Rice, Stanford, and Princeton. It also includes landmark hearings such as the Ohio 2004 hearings, the John Conyers congressional hearings, and an Election Assistance Commission hearing with representatives of the major voting machines manufacturers. Most of the nationally recognized voting rights experts are also included and present a serious case against electronic voting.
Website here.

Truth in the Booth

Computer programmer Clint Curtis, now a 2008 candidate for the 24th Congressional District in Florida, tells about being asked by Congressman Tom Feeney (R-Fl) to make vote-rigging software. While Clint Curtis made these charges in a sworn affidavit, and in sworn testimony to a congressional committee, mainstream media has given scant attention to his story. Now he is running for Congress against Tom Feeney.
Truth in the Booth website here.

Humor Break? "Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early"

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The Monitor

News analysis and expert interviews, often on issues of election integrity. Co-hosted by Pokey Anderson and Mark Bebawi, on Pacifica station KPFT (90.1 in Houston) Listen Live 6-7pm Central time on Sundays. Or listen to past shows.


Election Defense Radio

8-9pm Eastern, replayed Sundays, 1 - 2 pm Eastern Streaming live over the Internet. Listen to past shows. Hosted by Dan Ashby and other Election Defense Alliance Coordinators.


Voice of the Voters!

weekly radio show on election integrity and voting rights issues

Tune in each Wednesday from 8-9pm Eastern. Hosted by Mary Ann Gould, with John Gideon reporting on the week's top voting news stories. Listen to archived interviews with election protection leaders from around the nation.


The Peter B. Collins Show

This three-hour show airs five days a week. Every Friday from 5-6pm Pacific time is the election integrity hour. Listen live. Or find a local station that carries the show.

VoteRescue Radio

Vickie Karp and Karen Renick host VoteRescue Radio, a new weekly two-hour radio show each Friday, airing 6-8 pm Central time, streaming live on We the People Radio Network (90.1 FM in the Austin area). Listen live on the internet.

Music and Music Videos

More Dead Cause of Ohio: A new music video tying the manipulation of the Ohio 2004 presidential election to the death of thousands of soldiers in Iraq. From our partners at Justice Through Music.

Victoria Parks (website)

My Vote Don't Matter Anymore

Bye Bye Blackwell

Lori Rosolowsky (website)

If You Want to Be a Voter (The Ballad of Sarasota)

Yikes McGee (website)

Reporting for Duty


Watch some of the videos of election day 2006!

Hacking Democracy--HBO Film

Part One (Subsequent parts available on YouTube)

Check out this short video

of some of the problems in the Jennings/Buchanan race in Florida's 13th Congressional district, brought to you by The Right to Count.

Video Archives

Defend The Vote! (Flash video, 1 min.)

Video The Vote! (Flash video, <4 min.)

Hack The Vote parts 1-4

Help America Vote on Paper (Flash video, 18 min.)

Save R Vote: Citizen Monitoring in Riverside, CA (Flash video)

More videos from the Election Defense Alliance video blog

"Never Forget November 7, 2004" (video <3 min.)

Getting Over It: The Citizen Push for Election Integrity San Diego, California Emergency Town Hall Forum October 25, 2006

"This is like playing with nitroglycerin." -- Ed Asner
Includes Paul Lehto, Bev Harris, Lowell Finlay, Ed Asner, ABC Sportscaster Jim Lampley & more. Velvet Revolution Election Protection Strike Force was one of the sponsors. (YouTube 57:29)


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