Wyoming Congressional Candidate Not Conceding!

Election Certified Today Despite Irregularities!

Velvet Revolution salutes Trauner and all other candidates who are insisting upon full and accurate counting of votes!

Gary Trauner, Democratic Congressional Candidate for Wyoming's only House seat--whose name was unintentionally missed in our earlier listing of candidates who have not conceded--stands firm in his resolve to insist that all votes be counted. In a statement released today Trauner, who ran against Republican incumbent Barbara Cubin, stated:
We owe it to Wyoming’s citizens, both those that voted for me and those that voted for my opponent, to ensure that all their votes have been counted and that their final selection is accurate – we can stand for nothing less.

Wyoming Secretary of State Joe Meyer certified the election today, with an margin of victory for Cubin of 1,012 votes (official tally was Cubin 93,336, Trauner 92,324), a margin of approximately one half of one percent. Meyer reportedly certified the election results within minutes of receiving the final canvassing results from Wyoming counties, despite unresolved concerns about the reliability of the vote totals.

The press release issued by Trauner for Congress sites two apparent anomalies in Sheridan County, one involving undervotes and the other, "The difference between Sheridan County's votes against my opponent this time versus 2004 is lower than any other county - even counties that are far more conservative than Sheridan County."

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Wyoming Congressional Candidate Not Conceding!:

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