Alert: Dirty Tricks in New Mexico! Action Needed!

New Mexico Dirty Tricks: GOP Targets Voters With Hispanic Surnames, Emergency Ruling by Judge Injoins GOP to Stop Phonecalls to Non-Republican Voters

Calls From State Republican Party Tell Voters Of Non-Existent Changes To Polling Place Locations

Injunction now received from a New Mexico judge enjoining the Republican party in the state from making phone calls to non-Republican voters in the wake of what appears to be wide-spread dirty tricks in the state, aimed at Hispanic voters by the GOP.

An email has been sent to various listservs by the party who received these phone calls. It is only one complaint from one party but it is probably indicative of phone calls made to hundreds of voters in the state of New Mexico. Everyone needs to be wary of any phone calls alerting them to last minute changes of polling places. Call your county to find out if there are any changes and then call 1-866-OUR-VOTE and report the incident:

Any aggrieved New Mexico voter is encouraged to contact attorney John Boyd at 505-842-9960.

UPDATE 11/6 from John Gideon: The temporary restraining order on the mis-reporting of polling sites incident was withdrawn last evening when the state GOP called the judge and claimed the call was an "innocent mistake." There will be a hearing this morning at 1030 MT. The GOP is claiming "dirty tricks" on the part of the state Democrats. Yet, the "innocent mistake" seems to have happened to at least 6 people who have all stepped forward.

UPDATE: listen to a "RoboCall" here.

Additional information including full text of email posted on BradBlog.


Alert: Dirty Tricks in New Mexico! Action Needed!:

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