What You Can Do Now

Get Informed and Stay Informed!

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Know Somebody in New Hampshire?

Introduce them to Protect The Count, working for a public hand count of the state's ballots!

Video the Vote!

Become one of the "citizen journalists strengthening democracy by observing elections and sharing the results." Read this info before you grab your camera. Upload your videos here.

Observe any/all parts of your county's election process

Contact your county's elections office for information on observing "logic and accuracy testing" of voting machines, sending and receipt of mail ballots, tabulating and auditing of elections, etc. Check out these resources:
Sav-R-Vote Election Monitoring Field Guide

California Election Monitoring Training Manual

Citizen Election Observers (CEO) Guide from Psephos

Volunteer to be a pollworker in your county

Pollworkers have a unique opportunity to view election day problems. Contact your county's elections office for information.

Join the Diebold: Return Our Money campaign!

We're going after Diebold/Premier Election Solutions to get back all the money California has spent on its failed and faulty voting systems! That's over 100 million dollars!

Go to DieboldReturnOurMoney.com to send an email calling for these three actions:

  1. Diebold/Premier: 'Return Our Money!'

  2. Secretary of State Bowen: Throw Diebold Out of Our State, Once and For All!

  3. Attorney General Brown: Investigate! Prosecute! Obtain a Refund!

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'Like' Velvet Revolution on Facebook

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Visit ProtectOurElections.org

  • Support federal legislation to protect elections
  • Sign the petition
  • 'Like' ProtectOurElections on Facebook

Sign the petition. Watch a three minute about this effort. Find
out more
about the Campaign to Reclaim.

Candidates: Sign the Standing for Voters Pledge!

Voters: Urge All Candidates to Sign the Standing for Voters Pledge!


The Velvet Revolution Election Protection Strike Force has launched an ongoing campaign at StandingforVoters.org to get candidates for elected office to pledge to challenge suspicious election results. From the StandingForVoters.org website:

As a candidate, you have Standing to challenge suspicious election results on behalf of all of us! In many situations, ONLY candidates can initiate election challenges. Be prepared to take this action if necessary, because your election isn't just about you. Every election is about We the People. And We the People Need your help.

We also call upon voters to ask candidates to sign the Standing For Voters Pledge -- or the stronger Super Pledge. Visit the site for tips on how to get the message to candidates.

Visit StandingForVoters.org today.

Want To Help Clean Up American Elections, But Not Sure How?

Visit the "Help Me Choose An Action" page at website of the great new documentary "Stealing America: Vote By Vote," directed and produced by Dorothy Fadiman and narrated by Peter Coyote. They've got a great way to choose an action You can take to save your democracy. From quick 'n easy tasks to more detailed and involved activism, You can help Take Your Country Back!

From the webpage:

"Use the chart below to compare actions listed on this site and decide which actions fit best with your interests, availability, preferred work style, etc. Click on the name of an action for more a complete description, with links."

It's quick, it's easy, and it's Patriotic. Visit the "Help Me Choose An Action" page today.

CALL 1-866-MyVote1 to document your voting experience. That's 1-866-698-6831

Sign Voter Action's Petition Demanding Investigation of Voting Systems Companies!

Host a showing of Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections or any
of the other fine films about the state of the U.S.'s current system.
For information, click here.

Join or start an election integrity group in your area!

Check our state pages for groups in your state. Email Velvet Revolution for help in starting your own group.

Donate to the Election Protection Strike Force!

"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail

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