Welcome to Velvet Revolution's Election Protection Strike Force!

The VelvetRevolution Election Protection Strike Force reveals a new approach to grassroots action, a multi-pronged hot-as-lightning campaign to put U.S. elections where they belong: in the hands of the people.

The Election Protection Strike Force is targeting electronic voting and voter disenfranchisement schemes through:

$100,000 ELECTION FRAUD REWARD to encourage whistleblowers to share information (tips@VelvetRevolution.us) about election rigging. See the reward page for more information.

CAMPAIGN FOR EMERGENCY PAPER BALLOTS in every state - Our call for Emergency Paper Ballots in the November 7th election was successfully introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate, but Congress was unable to pass it before their election recess. The campaign has now moved to the state level as a broad coalition of election integrity organizations and individuals call upon Secretaries of State, Governors and State Election Directors to ensure that no legally registered voter can ever be turned away without being allowed to cast a vote.

DEMOCRACY: IT'S WORTH THE WAIT Calling on candidates of every political party to wait until all votes are counted before declaring victory or conceding defeat.

EXIT POLLING--An internationally recognized method of detecting fraudulent elections. But with a corporate-controlled mainstream media, can the exit polls be trusted? We're conducting our own! We've hired an internationally renowned exit-polling firm to conduct exit polls in key jurisdictions around the country, with results to be made public election night!

DAYS OF DEMOCRACY showcases some of the most egregious acts against fair elections in the U.S.--both known and emerging--during the days preceding the election. This effort, spearheaded by Network of Citizens, focuses on communities around the nation as individuals and organizations small and large fight for transparent, verifiable elections in a climate where electronic voting, disenfranchisement and other dirty tricks stand between the people and our democracy. Sign up to receive the Daily Rap Sheet by email.

ELECTION DAY VIGILANCE CAMPAIGN, working in tandem with Video The Vote and The Ruckus Society to document, witness and protest illegal activities on election day. We're also promoting the work of groups providing monitors at polling places around the country, such as Pollworkers For Democracy and Election Protection 365.

ONGOING LITIGATION EFFORTS, including legal actions before the election aim to ensure that election procedures are followed. We helped launch an election challenge to the Diebold voting machine "sleepover" fiasco in California’s 50th Congressional district (San Diego County) earlier this year. That case is now on appeal, and funds are needed to pursue justice. We believe that the San Diego case may have been a trial run for attempts at election nullification by Congress. After the election we will pursue justice wherever it has been denied.

ONLINE COVERAGE ELECTION NIGHT OF ELECTION PROBLEMS AND ELECTION PROTECTION WORK AROUND THE NATION. We're working with groups around the country to bring you election coverage from an election integrity point of view. Keep checking back for details!


Welcome to Velvet Revolution's Election Protection Strike Force!:

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