Report Incidents

To report voting problems, please call toll-free:

1 (866) OUR-VOTE

This national hotline sponsored by a coalition of election protection groups is collecting reports on problems ranging from voter disenfranchisement to machine failures, from unreasonably long lines at the polls to other civil rights violations. If you know of others having problems, encourage them to make their own calls so that the number of reports reflects the number of incidents. Make sure to have as much information about the problem as you can at hand when you call, including location of polling place. The hotline is already active for problems with early voting. The DNC also has a hotline for voting problems. Call 1-888-DEM-VOTE.
If you have specific evidence of fraud in a Congressional election, email tips[at]velvetrevolution.us or call 1-888-VOTETIP.


Report Incidents:

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